10 Stretches You Can Do at Home to Lose Weight

Stretching is not necessarily a set of exercises that separately stretch one muscle group, on the contrary, stretching can contain a lot of combinations that involve most of the muscles in the body. In one position, some muscles can simultaneously stretch, while others contract and strengthen. These energy-intensive combinations can be more difficult to perform than resistance exercises. That is why stretching is equally effective in reducing weight.

Wide leg bend

Look for yourself: exercise photo.
  1. Place your feet wide, parallel to each other.
  2. Tilt your torso forward, and place your palms further from your legs so that a slight deflection forms in your back, like a “slide”.
  3. Do not bend your knees; under the weight of your torso, strive with your chest to the floor.
  4. When finished, return to the starting position.
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