10 Best Warm-Up Exercises To Help You Make The Most Of Every Workout

Everyone knows that stretching can be done at the end of a workout to relax tense muscles and bring them back to normal. What about stretching before training? Is it necessary at all and can stretching exercises be done before strength training? Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of stretching and the best exercises.

1. Tilts of the head to the sides

Traction of the neck muscles: photo.
  • The exercise stretches the muscles in the neck. 
  • To do it, tilt your head to the side without raising your shoulders. 
  • The hand can additionally press on the head from above, increasing the traction. 
  • The other hand must be pulled in the opposite direction from the head, stretching the neck muscles even more. 
  • So it is on the other side.
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