Top 5 exercises for the short head of the biceps

In the development of biceps, beginners often make a big mistake: they mistake the anterior surface of the shoulder for one whole muscle, but in fact, it consists of three parts – the biceps muscle (long, short head) and brachialis. The short head of the biceps is interesting because it gives maximum volume to the muscle and is a bundle of the largest volume. Without working on this part of the biceps muscle, it will be more difficult to develop large volumes of the shoulder. Therefore, next, we will consider the most effective exercises for the short head of the biceps.

Training principles

  • To pump up your arms and focus the load on the inner side of the biceps, which is located closer to the torso, you need to use basic exercises with free weights and some exercises for deep pumping of the area, which are performed in block exercise machines or with fixation in the elbow joint.
  • Basic exercises are performed either standing or sitting. To perform them, it is best to use a barbell, but in the absence of one, dumbbells will also do. However, it will be difficult to maintain the correct technique, namely the amplitude, and angle when bending the elbow joint.
  • These exercises should be performed using heavy weights that are at least 70% of your 1RM (one rep max).
  • Number of sets – at least 3. Range of repetitions – 8-10.
  • The best way to perform the exercises is in a sitting position.
  • Movements should be slow and smooth. Jerking and cheating are completely excluded.
  • It is also necessary to perform a warm-up approach before using working weight.
  • Basic short head exercises are performed at the beginning of the workout.
  • Exercises with fixation in the elbow joint and in the crossover are performed after the basic exercises.
  • The rep range for these exercises is 12-14. Both sets and repetitions are selected individually.

Top 5 exercises

1. Seated barbell curls

This is the most effective exercise and should rightfully be given first place. To perform it, you need to take a sitting position, spread your legs wide and place the barbell on your hips. It is important to grasp the bar widely, that is, wider than your shoulders, then perform curls. At the lowest point of the amplitude, the bar should not touch the hips.

Seated barbell curls

2. Curls on a Scott bench with a “W” shaped bar

The technique is excellent for refining the muscle after the main exercise. You can perform bends in two ways: the first – with elbows placed close to each other and the hands placed narrowly on the bar, the second – with the elbows placed at shoulder level and the hands placed wide on the bar. In both options, the lowest point of the amplitude is located at the moment the forearms reach the horizontal line.

Scott Bench Curl.

3. Bending the upper blocks in a crossover

To perform this exercise, you need to stand in the center of the machine frame and, stretching your arms to the sides, bend them at the same time.

Bending the arms in the upper block of the crossover.

4. Wide-grip pull-ups

To perform this variation of pull-ups, take a stance wider than shoulder-width apart.

Reverse grip pull-ups: photo.

5. Seated dumbbell curls with supination

The exercise is performed on a bench at an incline of 45 degrees. At the top point of the amplitude, the athlete must perform supination and take a short pause. You need to make sure that your elbows remain in one position – pressed to your torso and do not move in a vertical plane.

Bent over arm curls.

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