Top 10 Home Dumbbell Exercises For Women To Get Leaner And Stronger

Doing sports at home is very convenient and saves time, and because of self-isolation, the popularity of such workouts has grown. In this case, the inventory needs a minimum. So, exercises with small dumbbells are suitable for women – they are easy to buy, and practice with them is also very simple, while they significantly improve the result.

1. Row to the belt on one hand

The exercise is aimed at strengthening the lats of the back, arms, and abs. Put one knee on a chair, with one hand rest on the back of the chair, take a dumbbell in the other, and, with a slight tilt of the body, begin to pull it up to the belt, pressing the back muscles.

Try to pull not with your hand, but with your back, take a low-weight inventory in order to feel the necessary muscles. Complete this task if you want to have a beautiful back and an even posture.

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