How to Stretch Glutes: 6 Ways to Ease Tightness and Tension

Stretching the gluteal muscles helps to maintain their tone and elasticity. With regular stretching, the buttocks can handle more intense loads. And training for prepared muscles will give better results, be easier and more productive. Stretching is also a great start on the path to regular physical activity for those who have not previously practiced it.

Exercise number 1

Exercise for stretching the gluteus medius and minimus muscle.
  1. Sitting on the floor, bend one leg and take it back under your own body.
  2. Bend the second leg and place it over the first.
  3. The torso is tilted towards the leg bent under the body with simultaneous emphasis on the elbows and forearms.
  4. Weakly clenched fists are directed upward.
  5. After smoothly tilting to the maximum allowable level, fix the position for 30 seconds.
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