How to quickly pump up your biceps: methods, tips and exercises

What do men usually train in the gym? From my observations, if they are not training the pectoral muscles, then they are doing biceps curls. Apparently, these muscles are a priority for the majority, so I propose to focus on how to quickly pump up the biceps and what affects hypertrophy, and also find out whether it is possible to quickly pump up the “cans” at home.

How fast does biceps grow?

The growth of biceps, like any other muscle in the human body, is primarily associated with genetics. Some athletes, by the way, including me, have a greater predisposition to the growth of biceps than some athletes, and to develop the target muscle I do not need to make any special efforts, and in general, to train the arm muscles, since when performing basic exercises they increase in proportion to other exercises muscles.

But it happens that an athlete has a different predisposition that does not allow him to effectively build up “cans,” and he has to go wild, introducing all sorts of techniques and sometimes using several workouts for biceps in his program.

If we average the capabilities of an athlete and do not take into account those whose biceps are lagging muscles or, on the contrary, have a high rate of hypertrophy, then an increase in volume can be noticed already in the second week of training, since the muscles will be in good shape. And the biceps will noticeably increase in volume no sooner than in a few months. Moreover, it is very important not to achieve the effect of overtraining, which will reduce all efforts aimed at increasing biceps to “no”.

How quickly does biceps recover?

You can effectively speed up the recovery of biceps by giving enough time for regeneration and providing the body with a sufficient amount of microelements necessary for hypertrophy. You should do no more than two workouts per week for the target muscle.

Tips for quick results

  • Use free weights (dumbbells and barbells).
  • Take sports nutrition to improve hypertrophy.
  • Perform no more than two biceps workouts per week, taking into account those muscle groups that actively involve it in work, for example, in back training.
  • In a mixed workout, such as biceps-back, you need to use two to three exercises for the biceps, and in training just the biceps, you need to use four to five exercises.
  • The weight of the weight should be 70-80% of one repetition maximum.

When will the effect be visible?

If you follow a program consisting of two workouts per week for biceps, following all the above recommendations, the result will be visible after six to eight weeks of training. It is very important to evaluate your proportions so as not to create a caricatured appearance and not confirm the stereotype of a jock – with a hypertrophied torso and thin legs. Remember that in classical bodybuilding during the “golden era” the volume of the biceps was compared with the volume of the lower leg, which should have been as equal as possible.

Developing biceps at home

Increasing biceps without dumbbells and barbells is not an easy task, but even in this case you can compete for the possession of gorgeous titanic arms. Workouts at home can be done every three to four days.

Home workouts can include exercises such as:

  1. Reverse medium grip pull-ups.
  2. Australian bicep pull-ups.
  3. Arm curls with a fitness band.
  4. Push-ups with wide arms.
  5. Wide grip pull-ups.

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