Biceps peak: how to pump up powerful “cans”?

Developing shoulder muscles is not a difficult task for most gymgoers. But making a beautiful and voluminous shape with a pronounced relief is not such a simple matter. Working on the peak of the biceps will help you achieve the desired result. What does biceps peak mean and how to develop it – this will be discussed in this article.

Features of biceps and what does its peak mean?

The peak of the biceps can be compared to the peak of a rock, that is, it is a kind of peak. If we bend our arm at the elbow joint and tense our biceps, positioning our shoulder vertically, we can see an arc that starts from the top of the shoulder and ends at the bottom, at the bend of the elbow joint. Naturally, the shape of the biceps and the peak of the muscle depends on physical fitness. For some, the biceps may be in the form of an arc, for some, it may be spherical, and for others it may not change at all in appearance, since the person has never developed the muscles.

A muscle can also be short or long. In tall people with long limbs, when the muscle is tense, it ends before reaching the bend of the elbow joint. We are talking about untrained or poorly trained people. So, we’ve figured out the concept of what a biceps peak is, and now let’s talk about how to develop the peak of this muscle.

How to get peak biceps

The biceps is a relatively small muscle in the human body and is quite easy to develop. First of all, you need to understand that there is absolutely no point in focusing on the biceps. This is tantamount to pumping up the abs to achieve six-pack abs for an overweight person. That is, for the abs to be visible, you should reduce the amount of fatty tissue throughout the body, and this can be done faster with exercises that contribute to this best.

It’s exactly the same with biceps. By intensely training your biceps, you will not be able to increase them, at least it will not be as effective as working on increasing muscle mass. When using this approach, volumes will increase and, accordingly, the volumes of hands too. Such exercises are basic.

  • Firstly, when performing heavy multi-joint exercises, the entire mechanism aimed at the hypertrophy of muscle fibers is launched.
  • Secondly, when performing them, the muscles of the arms are involved. Also, to get the best biceps peak, you need to use other muscles of the arm, namely the brachialis.

The brachialis is a small muscle that is located under the biceps brachii muscle. With the development of brachialis, the shoulder becomes more aesthetic, and voluminous, and due to the additional volume, the biceps “rises,” thereby increasing its peak.

In addition to basic exercises, to develop the peak of the biceps, you need to use several isolation exercises.

A selection of exercises for biceps peaks

To the basic exercise program, which should consist of three exercises, the following should be added:

Seated barbell curl

There is a small nuance to this exercise. When performing the movement, your hands should be placed on the bar as wide as possible (without disturbing the comfort of work), and your elbows should be pressed as close to your torso as possible. Such a wide grip emphasizes the load on the short biceps, which creates the bulk of the volume.

Seated barbell curls

Seated dumbbell curl

The exercise is performed concentratedly with supination at the top point of the movement. Also, at the top point you should take a short pause, after which you need to slowly return the dumbbell to its original position. There are two options for implementation.

  1. The first is with alternate lifting of dumbbells;

Supination on biceps while sitting alternately

  1. the second – with the simultaneous lifting of sports equipment.


Scott Bench Curl

To perform this exercise, you will need a curved bar, on which you need to place your hands as close to the center as possible (together). Naturally, your elbows should be wide apart. Please note that the support pad on which the arms are placed should be positioned at such a level that its upper edge is located under the armpit.

Close grip EZ bar curl

Hammer Curl

This is the same exercise for developing brachialis. The hammer exercise can be performed standing or sitting, holding dumbbells with such a grip that your palms are directed towards your body when bending.

Exercise hammer

Example training program

So, to develop peak biceps, you need to perform basic exercises and include exercises aimed at developing biceps. Here is an example of a workout for beginner athletes who have minimal experience and physical fitness.

  • All exercises are performed in 3-4 approaches, depending on the physical fitness of the athlete.
  • The repetition range is 8-12 times.
  • When training biceps, the number of repetitions can be increased to 14.

The first day

  1. Bench press lying on a horizontal bench.
  2. Dumbbell flyes lying on an incline bench.
  3. French press.
  4. Extension of the upper block in a crossover to train the triceps.
  5. Twisting.

Second day

  1. Squats.
  2. Lunges with dumbbells.
  3. Romanian cravings.
  4. Seated vertical dumbbell press.
  5. Smith machine seated press.
  6. Dumbbell rows on an incline bench for the rear deltoid.

Day three

  1. Pull-ups.
  2. Bent-over barbell row.
  3. Hyperextension.
  4. Seated barbell curl.
  5. Seated dumbbell curls.
  6. Scott Bench Curls.
  7. Hammer Curl.


It’s not difficult to create Everest out of your biceps, the main thing is not to give up and use highly effective exercises in your training. The program given as an example is a great way to quickly build powerful biceps and the body as a whole!

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