Biceps machine – features and advantages of the simulator

There are many ways to train your biceps. This includes work with a barbell and dumbbells, work with fixation of the elbow joints, and exercises on blocks in a crossover. But despite this, in the gym, you can find a biceps machine designed specifically for training the biceps brachii muscles. What it is and whether this simulator is needed – we will find out in this article.

What kind of simulator is this

The biceps machine is a strength trainer for isolated biceps training, which allows you to perform movements as isolated as possible. This ensures that there is no free weight in the athlete’s hands since the simulator has power blocks or the ability to add weighting discs. Therefore, when performing movements in a biceps machine, there is no load on the weight-stabilizing muscles that work when performing curls on a Scott bench. A replacement exercise in this simulator will be the lower pulley row with a Scott bench placed to support the elbow joints.

There are several types of designs. The vast majority of simulators are based on a pulley system, but there are also lever designs. It’s hard to say which design is better, but working in a block simulator is naturally easier because changing the working weight does not require installing weighting disks, since to change the weight you just need to pull the clamp out of the hole in the weighting plates and insert it into the correct hole.

How to do biceps curls correctly in a machine

The first thing to do is adjust the height of the support in relation to the seat. The optimal height is one at which the athlete’s back is in a vertical position and does not have an inclination.


  1. Choose the optimal weight for the first approach.
  2. Grab the bar or handles of the machine in a comfortable position before you sit down. First, bend your elbows, lifting the weight from the bottom position, and only then begin the movement.
  3. The hands should be directed towards you, and the elbows should be placed on the pillow for support at shoulder width. There is no need to move your elbows to the sides or bring them together.
  4. Bend your arms as you exhale. It is best to pause for a second at the top point of the movement, feeling the maximum tension at the peak of the biceps.
  5. Exhale and smoothly return to the starting position.
  6. There is no need to fully extend your elbows at the bottom point. Maintain a slight bend and tension in the muscles.
  7. For forced sets, it is better to enlist the help of partners to help you complete the last reps. It is for forcing (working to failure) that this simulator is ideal.

Exercise technique in a biceps machine.

Recommendations for implementation in training.

  • Arm curls in the simulator are performed as an additional exercise. It should be performed after a barbell exercise. Also, this type of bending can be included in the training last or before exercises such as “Hammer” or Zottman curls, that is, before variants with dumbbells or in a crossover.
  • You need to train your biceps in the machine with light weight.
  • The optimal number of curls is in the range of 12-14 repetitions. If the workout is designed to achieve relief, then the number of repetitions can be increased to 20.
  • In principle, the exercise can be replaced with a variant of bending on a Scott bench, but this type of bending will not be complete, since, as mentioned earlier, other stabilizer muscles will also be involved in the work.
  • This exercise is suitable for people who have problems with the spine since the load when performing curls in a biceps machine is minimal. The exercise can be performed by both women and adolescents if the development of sculpted muscles is the goal of the training.
  • To achieve the best effect, you should perform the movements as slowly and concentrated as possible.
  • After completing the set, it is recommended to stretch the biceps brachii muscles to prevent them from shortening. Read more about stretching arm muscles →


Should I use the exercise in training aimed at gaining muscle mass? A biceps machine will not be the best option for this purpose, but for deep development and creating the best shape of the biceps, this type of curl is a really good solution! The main advantage of the exercise is undoubtedly considered to be maximum muscle isolation, which is very useful for some athletes and people with spinal problems. In relief training or during the drying phase before a competition, the number of repetitions can be increased to 15-20. A biceps machine is a good option for introducing into training, but most often athletes neglect this machine and work with free weights.

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