8 Exercises to Tone Up Flabby Arms

well-sculpted arms are more attractive than flabby arms. However, we don’t often make the effort to build them up. The main reason? Lack of time and material. But this is no excuse, and it is possible to achieve it in a simple and practical way, with a minimum of time spent on it. In this article, we’re going to show you exactly how.

FitSavage will show you 8 exercises that will take you no more than five minutes a day, including breaks, and which do not require any special equipment. So you will have no more excuses. Let’s go!

1. Arm circles

Starting position: Stand upright, arms outstretched at your sides. Drop your shoulders. Your arms should be straight and parallel to the ground.

Steps :

  1. Slowly turn your arms in circles, keeping them straight.
  2. Circle in the direction that works best for you.

Duration: Rotate your arms for 30 seconds.

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