8 Exercises and Stretches for Shoulder Pain

The shoulder joints are actively involved in life. Especially in the process of strength training, they are strongly influenced. Stretching the muscles of the shoulder girdle should be given at least 15 minutes after each workout. Exercise helps to relax, release tightness, and improve upper-body mobility and flexibility.

1. Stretching the triceps and shoulder blades

Stretching the triceps and shoulder blades: photo.
  1. Take a comfortable standing or sitting position with your legs bent under your own body.
  2. Point your arms up, cross, and join your palms.
  3. Stretch not only with your arms but also feel the tension in your shoulders.
  4. Then smoothly move your arms in front of you and pull your shoulder blades, feeling tension and relaxation.
  5. Do not forget to change the position of your hands after the approaches and repeat the execution.
  6. Take 6 sets (up and in front of you).
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