5 most common mistakes when training biceps

What mistakes can you make when training biceps? It would seem that training the biceps brachii muscles is the simplest, as are the exercises themselves aimed at developing biceps.

#1: Overtraining

If we do not take into account professional athletes who work out five or even six days a week, whose training is aimed at developing one muscle group, then the set of exercises for amateur athletes should not include more than four biceps exercises. If biceps training is combined with other muscle groups, for example, with the back muscles, then the biceps complex should consist of two or three exercises. Overtraining reduces the efficiency of muscle regeneration and the recovery process takes a very long time.

#2: Insufficient recovery time

The arm muscles are constantly involved in work. Even outside of training, they participate in every activity, and for an athlete, in every training session. Even on leg day, you have to put a lot of heavy weight plates on the bar or press machine, not to mention training your back, in which the biceps are involved very seriously. Based on this, you should not do more than two workouts per week for the biceps brachii muscles, one of which will most likely be connected to another muscle group. For beginner athletes, it is best to consider a related workout, say, with the back muscles, which should be done once a week.

#3: Choosing Ineffective Exercises

Free weight exercises, such as barbells or dumbbells, promote effective growth. Isolation exercises: in an emphasis position, for example, curling your arms on a Scott bench is not the best option for developing mass. For better hypertrophy, you should consider two or three exercises without emphasis, but perform them “cleanly” – without cheating or jerking. A very powerful complex is:

  • Seated barbell curl (wide stance).
  • Bend your arms with dumbbells at an angle of 45 degrees.
  • Hammer grip curl while standing.

No. 4: Selecting the wrong working weight

Yes, working with maximum weights can be effective and is really necessary, especially in those moments when the results have frozen and do not budge. But the best option for biceps is to perform 3-4 sets of 10-14 repetitions. The number of repetitions is selected individually.

#5: Cheating

“Iron Arnie” himself said that when training biceps you need to work with extreme weights and use cheating. I can’t argue with the greatest athlete, but I’m 100% sure that this method is very individual and definitely not suitable for new athletes.

Correct training method

If we consider a full-fledged biceps workout, then the complex should be composed so that there is one exercise for each bundle, that is:

In this workout, following the biceps complex, it is important to perform several exercises for the forearm. It is worth saying again that this example is intended for amateur athletes.

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