5 Reasons Your Ab Routine Isn’t Working

By doing them, you will never get a slender waist.

Fitness is not a magic wand. To get a slender figure, you need to understand which exercises will benefit, and also know the correct implementation. That is why a flat stomach often remains a dream, even for those who regularly and do not spare themselves in the gym.

The abs are two layers of muscles: superficial and inner. Internal muscles (transverse and internal oblique) are more responsible for a flat stomach. Thoughtlessly “pumping the press”, we will not tighten the sagging tummy. To make the dream come true, together with fitness trainer Svetlana Horuzha, we will analyze the most popular, but absolutely useless exercises for the press.

1. Crunch on the press 

useless exercises for and for the press

Classic crunches increase the volume and mass of the abdominal muscles, mainly the external ones. This means that the girth of the stomach visually increases, and this is not a story about a flat female tummy, you must agree.

If you are the owner of a slender physique and you have no more than 1 cm of extra fat, then crunches will help create cubes on your stomach (they will become more pronounced). To do this, replace the classic curl with a low one. Make sure that your lower back is firmly pressed to the floor, your stomach is pulled in, your shoulders are slightly raised above the floor.

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