3 Types of Tantric Yoga. The Essence and Benefits of Tantra Yoga

If you ask the average resident of our country about what Tantra Yoga is and why it is needed, then it is unlikely that you will be able to hear a clear answer to this question. Our fellow citizens, like many residents of European countries, know about the ancient teachings set forth in the sacred books only that this is some kind of sex-related, but not entirely clear abstract concept.

For many people who have heard at least something about tantric sex, a picture-stamp with the image of two lucky lovers sitting opposite each other appears before their eyes. These lovers sit with closed eyes or gaze into the eyes of their partner and receive unearthly pleasure from this. This is where most people end up with knowledge of the essence and purpose of the yoga of love.

Many European couples who practice Tantric sex use this type of yoga only as another fun and fashionable way to add variety to their intimate life. Modern representatives of both Europe and our society do not want to learn the essence of Tantra, therefore they cannot understand that its true goal is to obtain a spiritual, not physical orgasm.

The meaning of the teachings on tantric sex stated more than two millennia ago in our society is greatly distorted. It’s time to fix this annoying mistake. In this article, we will not only get acquainted with the essence, goals, and types of this yoga practice but consider some effective “bed” exercises that beginners can also handle.

What is the essence of Tantra Yoga?

Tantra yoga is more understandable for the representatives of the eastern countries because it combines many dogmas according to which these countries lived two thousand years ago and continue to live now. Therefore, it is not surprising that one of the key principles of tantric sex is the development of a personal spiritual sphere and the expansion of one’s own consciousness. Sexual intercourse is not the ultimate goal, but one of the ways that are practiced as a ritual and give the opportunity, experiencing sensual pleasure and using sexual energy, to cleanse energy waste and expand consciousness, rise to a higher level of development, tune your mind to receive completely new knowledge.

According to the yoga of love teachings, physical sensations are just one of the ways to reunite with the Higher Mind. Thanks to Tantra, a person can attain enlightenment and rise above the daily hustle and bustle.

Hindus perceive Tantra Yoga as a preparation for the transition to another world. This ancient yogic practice helps a person accumulate energy and improve himself, as a result of which he learns the truth, his soul gains the ability to leave Samsara and free himself from earthly burdens.

Traditional intercourse, erection problems in men, and menstruation in women contribute to the loss of sexual energy, which is our strength. Yoga of love, on the other hand, contributes to the accumulation and transformation of this energy, thanks to which it can be used to achieve a variety of goals.

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