11 Isolation Biceps Exercises for Shape and Definition

Biceps are muscles that should be trained by working with free weights. The guru of his business, Macrobert Stewart, the author of the book “Arms of Titan” and many articles for reputable sports publications, as well as an athlete with impressive training experience, even claims that you need to pay attention to the biceps only after reaching a shoulder volume of 40 centimeters. So, are isolation exercises for biceps a waste of time, or can “isolation” still be beneficial in creating Hulk biceps? Now we will find out!

Benefits of Biceps Isolation

Isolating exercises for biceps are the main ones for those for whom it is important not just to get large arms, but to make them sculpted and give them a better shape with well-developed individual bundles of the biceps muscle.

Top 11 isolation exercises for biceps

1. Alternating dumbbell curls

It is performed both standing and sitting on a bench. The ideal option would be to perform the exercise with your back resting on the back of the bench. The exercise is performed with the hand supinated at the top point of the amplitude. Like other biceps exercises, alternating dumbbell curls are performed in a concentrated manner. Returning the hand to its original position occurs slowly.

Arm curls with supination.

2. Concentrated one-arm dumbbell curls

Performed while sitting. The athlete should rest his hand on his leg with the back of his shoulder. The arm should be straight and down. This is a difficult exercise because it deprives you of the opportunity to additionally help other muscles. This is achieved, firstly, by a sitting position, and secondly, by fixing the elbow.

concentrated sitting bends: photo.

3. Hammer Curl

Can be performed both standing and sitting with alternating or simultaneous bending of the arms. When performing the movement, the palms should be turned towards the body. This exercise is aimed at developing the brachialis.

Hammer exercise.

4. Bending one arm with the handle of the lower block

The same is done while standing. Standing next to the machine, you need to take the handle with an underhand grip. This exercise creates a pump and is an alternative to dumbbell curls. Watch your technique and posture. The back should be straight, the body should not lean forward or lean back.

One-arm cable curls

5. Arm curls with the handles of the upper crossover blocks

This is not the most popular exercise and is not often seen in the gym. It is performed standing. The athlete, holding both handles, bends his arms at the elbow joints at the same time. The exercise at the top of the amplitude looks like one of the bodybuilding poses showing off the biceps during a performance.

Bending the arms in the upper block of the crossover.

6. Barbell Curl

The peculiarity of performing barbell curls is that you can grab the bar with a wide grip, thereby focusing the load on the short biceps bundle. The short bundle of the biceps plays an important role in the formation of the muscle. It gives more volume. The best way to perform this exercise is to work while sitting.

Seated barbell curls

7. Z-Bar Curl

Using a Z-shaped bar reduces the stress on the joints of the hand. Otherwise, the exercise is no different from straight bar curls.

Arm curls with ez-bar.

8. Scott Curl

A special feature of the exercise in the simulator, as well as on the Scott bench, is the fixation of the arm by placing the elbows on the surface of the “board”. This feature complicates the exercise because it makes it impossible to help the biceps with other muscles. By the way, the working weight in this exercise is much lower.

Scott curls.

9. Scott Bench Curl

The exercise differs only in the use of free weight.

Scott Bench Curls.

10. Barbell Overhand Curl

The exercise is performed identically to barbell curls, only with a reverse overhand grip. The exercise is intended to strengthen the joints of the hand.

Barbell curl with an overhand grip.

11. Bend your arms at an angle of 45 degrees

This exercise does not allow you to work with a large working weight, but in this position, the load on the spine is minimized.

Lifting dumbbells for biceps on an incline bench.

Recommendations for classes

  • All of the listed exercises are performed in concentration. Movements should be smooth, without jerking or “cheating”. Try to maintain your posture, do not fall back or lean forward. So the help of other muscles for isolated biceps will be minimal.
  • When training your biceps, you should pay attention to technique. The range of movements should not be stingy.
  • For proper execution, the best option would be to work with a light weight that would allow you to perform 12-14 repetitions.
  • When performing curls with dumbbells, at the top point of the amplitude you should do supination (rotate the hand).
  • When working on your biceps, a very effective way to train is to use drop sets.
  • Don’t forget to stretch your muscles after your workout.

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