10 TRX Loop Exercises for a Slim and Fit Body

If you are already tired of monotonous fitness classes or strength exercises on simulators, then it’s time to pay attention to TRX loops. They will help target muscles that cannot be pumped through aerobics or fitness. But, more importantly, the use of TRX loops provides a whole range of exercises for quick weight loss, which will allow you to get rid of fat deposits in just a few weeks and get a slim fit figure.


Helps to pump muscles of arms, shoulders, and chest. Suitable even for beginners. This is a good and safe alternative to the bench press.

Execution order:

  1. Thread your soles through the TRX loops with your toes pointing down.
  2. Raise your body to a level when all the load falls on straight arms (stand on the bar).
  3. Bend your elbows and lower yourself down. In this case, the press should be as tense as possible.
  4. Straighten your arms in an upward motion. Try to do this smoothly, feeling the chest muscles, the load on the arms and shoulders. 

An additional subspecies of such an exercise for effective weight loss can be considered “frog” push-ups. They provide additional pumping of the press, so they help to quickly burn fat in the waist area. The execution technology is simple – the starting position is the same as in classic push-ups, but we pull the knees to the chest, performing “twisting”. 

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