10 Great Stretches To Do With Your Partner

Paired stretching can be a new and interesting way to train at home or an alternative to your favorite stretching, in which your own weight is not enough. Pair training is not just a fun pastime, but an effective, more challenging option for developing body flexibility. We bring to your attention the top 10 exercises for training together.


  • Helps to increase the difficulty and effectiveness of training.
  • Promotes mood enhancement through work in pairs.
  • Helps to diversify training days.
  • Speeds up the result compared to solo lessons.

1. Stretching the pectoral muscles while standing

Stretching the pectoral muscles while standing: photo.
  • Face each other, step to the side on the same line, and raise the opposite arms up, bringing the forearms together. 
  • The elbow angle should be 90 degrees. 
  • Next, turn the torso in opposite directions, increasing the stretching of the pectoral muscles. 
  • The larger the turn, the stronger the extension. 
  • Hold the position for 15-20 seconds, then switch sides.
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