Yasmine Castrillon – fitness model and social media star

The heroine of our article today is Yasmin Castrillon from Brazil inspired an army of subscribers with her stunning figure. She is a true fitness icon. The girl has Indian roots, and today Yasmin’s recognition in the online world continues to grow – and shows no signs of slowing down.

To create her incredible figure, Castrillon devoted countless hours to working out at the gym and eating healthy. She states that she prepares all of her meals herself and also follows a structured workout program.

With her amazing physique and work ethic, Yasmin sets an example that others are inspired to follow.

Yasmin’s training is based on intense sessions. This means she makes sure to include a lot of sets and reps in her workouts. It’s not unusual for Yasmin to perform up to 35 sets of exercises per workout.

To some, this huge load may seem crazy, but our heroine likes this principle of training, because it brought her amazing results.

If there’s one secret to Yasmin’s training results, it’s consistency. The girl rarely misses training. Even if she doesn’t feel well, she will definitely go for a walk or do some exercises on the treadmill to keep her body in good shape.

Castrillon follows a low-carb diet. Her diet is based on plenty of lean proteins and healthy fats. While proteins help her rebuild muscles, fats provide her with a constant source of energy. Along with maintaining her overall health.

Because she eats very few carbohydrates, Yasmine’s body has adapted to using fat as one of its main sources of energy. Her body converts these fats into ketones, allowing her to enter ketosis (a state that develops as a result of carbohydrate starvation of cells, when the body begins to break down fat for energy, producing a large number of ketone bodies). In this state, her metabolism begins to use ketones instead of glucose as fuel for the muscles.

Even though her diet is challenging, it has given Yasmin incredible results. Thanks to this approach, she was able to maintain her amazing shape all year round.

Yasmine Castrillon taught us that you shouldn’t be afraid to experiment with diet and training if you want to improve your results.

The keto diet may seem too extreme for some, but it works for Yasmin and could work for you and your workout routine.

Ultimately, you should make changes every now and then if you notice that you’ve reached a plateau in your fitness journey.

By experimenting with different training methods and nutrition regimens, you can overcome your obstacles and make significant progress on your path – just like Yasmine Castrillon.

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