Unique athlete Luiza Valieva. How to combine beauty and strength?

Unique athlete Luiza Valieva.  How to combine beauty and strength?

If you want something, if you have a goal or dream, go towards it! Even if no one believes in you, no one notices and it seems that everyone is against you… still go towards your goal! Even when it is very difficult and it seems that nothing will work out, it seems that everything is in vain! Always believe in yourself and never give up, even when it’s very hard and you give up.

The heroine of our article today, Luiza Valieva, is truly a unique athlete! Such athletes can be counted on one hand even among men. And the uniqueness of the girl is that she managed to accomplish the almost incredible. To become a champion in such close and at the same time seemingly completely incompatible sports as bodybuilding, where aesthetics and proportions come first, and powerlifting, where strength decides everything, and powerlifters for the most part are far from the ideals of the golden era of bodybuilding. Now Luiza Valieva is not even 27 years old, and she is already a two-time Champion of Russia, MSMK in powerlifting and Master of Sports in bodybuilding, as well as the Absolute champion of the country in the bodyfitness category. And this is her story. The story is about how you should always believe in your dream and go towards it even if no one believes in you.

Luza Valieva was born on August 15, 1996 in Yekaterinburg and she has been in sports for 20 years. From the age of 4 she was engaged in rhythmic gymnastics, competed for the regional team and even fulfilled the CCM standard. Five-hour daily training even then strengthened the girl’s character and taught her not to give up.

At the age of 15, the girl became interested in hip-hop. However, I didn’t study it for very long. She graduated from school and entered medical university. Louise has always had a tendency to be overweight, so in the first year without sports and physical activity, she managed to gain an extra 10 kilograms of weight. Then our heroine realized that she had the only way out – the gym and proper nutrition. Louise says this about herself: Give it free rein, I immediately begin to gain weight, but there is a plus to this, muscle mass also grows well.

The first hall was near the house and a subscription there cost only 1,500 per month. This is the most ordinary, one might even say home hall. Then, while studying at the university, the girl got a job as a waitress, and in two weeks she received exactly that 1,500 rubles. She recalled how she was riding on the bus and had a dilemma in her head about buying sneakers or a gym membership. Louise chose the latter.⠀

She was scared to go alone and she encouraged her classmate to go with her. Day X came, they went into the hall between the couples, having no idea what to do. The trainer came up to them, showed them the exercises, the girls did circuit and cardio. There was no limit to the joy, they returned to classes satisfied… but it was no longer fun. The friends felt hellish pain all over their bodies, they walked like snails, almost to the point of tears, everything hurt for a week. A classmate left after a couple of weeks and Louise continued to study alone in the gym.⠀

I pumped my legs 3 times a week, and practically didn’t do my upper legs. Why should I pump it, I’m a girl, Louise reasoned. I tried to follow the PP, there were breakdowns, and in the end it didn’t change at all in a month. But here the character of the future champion showed itself – the girl decided to gather her will into a fist and achieve her goal! Then the subscription ended, she didn’t have money for a new one, and Louise was thinking what to do next? I found out that at her university there is a free basement gym where powerlifters train.

It was love at first sight for the girl with the iron. After she began training in the basement university gym, her strength quickly began to grow, and Louise began to change in appearance. The muscle mass increased, and after working out for some time, the girl went to study to become a trainer and wanted to help people like her. And already in my 2nd year I started coaching, combining my studies and work in the gym as a mentor. Louise says this – since childhood I wanted to help people and saw myself as a doctor, but when I started working as a trainer, I realized that in this area I help people more! And I realized that sport is what I have always lived by and I want to realize myself in it. I made a choice.

Thus, after 3 years of medical school, Louise decided to leave the university. In 2018, she moved to St. Petersburg, delved into sports, and began performing in body fitness. Louise always trains like a bodybuilder, doing all her exercises with heavy weights. And she cites the example of the golden era of bodybuilding, when athletes lifted a lot and looked cool at the same time, this became her motivation to be strong like a powerlifter and muscular like a bodybuilder, while remaining feminine and beautiful.

From the very beginning of training in the gym, her goal has always been to compete in the body fitness category, and in order to build up the necessary muscle volumes, it is necessary to lift heavy weights and gradually increase strength indicators! The girl liked to train hard. And when her strength increased to the MSMK category, she wanted to compete in powerlifting competitions and complete the category, collecting a total of 415 kg in triathlon up to 60 kg. And at the 2020 Konstantin Konstantinov Memorial Tournament, she succeeded. She officially completed the MSMK and collected the amount of 415 kg. With results – Squat 160 kg, Bench 90 kg, Deadlift 165 kg. Now her goal is to collect 430 kg in the triathlon total and thereby set a Russian record.

As for bodybuilding. In April 2021, Luiza Valieva became the Absolute Champion of Russia in body fitness in the category up to 163 cm. She walked towards this victory for a long time, trained a lot and hard, never gave up and never gave up! Becoming first sixth and then third, she eventually achieved the title of absolute champion of Russia. Luiza Valieva proved that you should never give up, you should never give up, you need to believe in yourself and work hard! Only by overcoming difficulties do we become better and stronger! Don’t pay attention to those who don’t believe in you, the main thing is that you believe in yourself! Be patient and be prepared to work, work hard and in time, when you are ready, you will get what you want!

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