Top Instamodel Yanita Yancheva: training, personal life.

Top Instamodel Yanita Yancheva: training, personal life.

The model with a chiseled figure is a certified fitness trainer and ex-girlfriend of the famous bodybuilder from Bulgaria, Lazar Angelov. Today on Instagram she has more 1.1 million subscribers. On Youtube, their number has exceeded 12,000. Moreover, the number of connoisseurs of the aesthetics of the female body is constantly growing. The girl regularly posts useful information and video training.

What led to strength sports

Yanita Yancheva (Yanita Yancheva) was born in Bulgaria on February 10, 1987. Girl was fond of gymnastics and couldn’t even imagine that she would ever pick up a vulture. Everything changed after participating in 2008’s “The Last Hero.” In 50 days she lost 8 kg and began to look like a teenager. Looking at her figure, which had changed not for the better, Yancheva realized that it was time to go in for sports. This decision became the starting point for constant physical self-improvement. Girl from the first days got carried away with working in the gymand could no longer quit classes.

I liked the reflection in the mirror more and more. One day she realized that it was a sin to hide such curves under clothes, and began posting photos on social media pages. The guys unanimously “liked” them and wrote enthusiastic comments. In 2014, she was again invited to a reality show on the island. Viewers appreciated the girl’s curves and showered her with compliments. This is how Yanita became a star. Today, the 30-year-old model and fitness instructor teaches others how to build an athletic body.

  • With a height of 169 cm;
  • she weighs 50 kg.

In the gym with a fitness star

Yanita’s workouts are designed to pump up all muscles. From Monday to Friday, the girl autonomously pumps up all muscle groups. Favorite exercises — deadlifts, classic squats, isolating practices for the buttocks.
Yanita Yancheva training

Day 1: back + abs

  1. Crossover pull-ups.
  2. Front row of the barbell to the chest.
  3. Working with vertical and horizontal blocks with wide palms.
  4. Alternating draft of projectiles in an inclined position.
  5. Hyperextension.
  6. Pedaling with your feet in the air.
  7. Raises the lower limbs at right angles.
  8. Pulling your knees to your chest.
  9. Plank.
  10. Crossover crunches.

Day 2: shoulder girdle + abdominal muscles

  1. Rows of the barbell to the collarbone.
  2. Seated vertical presses of dumbbells and barbells.
  3. Raising projectiles to the sides while standing and bending over.
  4. Exercises No. 5–9 from the previous day.

Day 3: triceps + biceps + abs

  1. Pull-ups on parallel bars.
  2. Straight and bent over triceps curls.
  3. Hammer exercise.
  4. Alternating dumbbell flies behind the crown.

Repeat the last 5 techniques of the first day.

Day 4: legs + abdominal muscles

  1. Squats with weight.
  2. Ghosts and hip abductions in the machine.
  3. Lunges.
  4. Raises to train the calf muscles.
  5. Romanian cravings.
  6. Repeat the complex for the press.

On average, all techniques are being carried out 15 times in 3 sets. The ab cycle involves a larger number of sessions. Day 5’s workout is all about cardio. After classes, the girl drinks BCAAs or protein.
Yanita Yancheva parameters

Fitness model diet

It is impossible to achieve such forms without a balanced diet. In order for the body to fully receive the necessary substances, the phytonya eats 6 times a day, pausing without food for 2.5 hours. Yanita changes her diet every 1.5 months. The basis of the diet is protein and slow carbohydrates. Sample menu:

  • in the morning – a cup of oatmeal + low-fat yogurt without sugar + protein shake;
  • lunch – any citrus, apple;
  • lunch – chicken with green salad + 70 g of pine nuts;
  • afternoon snack – cottage cheese or feta cheese with herbs;
  • dinner – a protein dish;
  • at night – kefir.

How Yanita relaxes

Yanita Yancheva and Tavi Castro

The girl and bodybuilding coach Lazar used to spend time together. Looking at them, everyone understood what an exemplary couple should look like. They were married a long time ago on the Internet. When they had the same holidays, they traveled together. Yanita loves Thailand and the Maldives. Last year, the sexy blonde announced that getting ready to become a mother and named the name of her chosen one. With Tavi Castro Yanita met in the Netherlands and now lives with him. Pregnancy did not stop her from training and keeping fit. She knew that she would support Tavi, who was training nearby. Fans can find out first-hand whether there has been a new addition to the family on Yanita’s Instagram.


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