TOP 20 Isometric Exercises For Static Strength Training


Isometric or static exercises are underestimated by many athletes who are gaining muscle or trying to lose weight. This is because we think stereotypically – faster, higher, stronger. It seems that the more weight or faster running, the better the result. This is true, but not always. To get off the ground, sometimes you have to resort to atypical training methods, namely static. So let’s take a look at the benefits of this method and the best exercises.


Plank men

The most common exercise that develops the major external muscle groups and the deep stabilizing muscles. The simplicity of the exercise and, at the same time, the difficulty of maintaining an even position develops both muscle strength and endurance. The plank improves posture and works your core muscles perfectly.

It is necessary to place your palms strictly under the shoulder joints, and the feet shoulder-width apart, building a continuous, even line of the whole body. When doing the plank, it is important to keep your abdominal muscles tense at all times to prevent your lower back from arching. You need to maintain the position as long as the body can withstand in the correct position.

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