Top 10 Exercises To Stretch The Back of The Thigh

Stretching the biceps femoris is necessary if you want to develop a longitudinal split for various types of fitness, or if you want to improve the technique of strength exercises, increasing the amplitude where the target muscle is the hamstrings. For example, in Romanian or deadlift, the hamstrings are strongly stretched, in order to perform these exercises correctly, it is necessary to stretch the back of the leg muscles.

1. Swing legs lying

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  1. Lie on your back with both legs straight.
  2. Alternately raise straight legs at the knee to your maximum, without lifting the pelvis off the floor.
  3. Try to swing as close to the body as possible, grabbing the lower leg with your hands, thereby increasing the extension.
  4. Do the same number of reps on each leg.
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