The protein powder of peas: shake or not check?

More and more people are choosing veganism. And the options to replace animal products are legion. Among them, we find the pea protein, yes, you read that right! After testing, for us, the pea protein is ‘check’, we integrate it into the shaker!

Pea protein for even more nutrients

Extracted from yellow and green split peas, pea protein is used in vegetarian burgers, vegan mayonnaise and even replaces dairy products in certain brands of ice cream and milk. Consumers are increasingly turning to herbal products. The pea protein is attracting growing interest in the vegan environment, but not only.

This vegetable is naturally rich in protein since a serving of pea protein contains between 90 and 120 calories and 17 to 24g of protein depending on the brand. This makes it comparable to any other type of protein powder. Finally, except that the protein powders which contain aromas are often richer in sugar!   Pea protein is also rich in iron, with almost 5 milligrams per serving, or almost a third of the recommended daily allowance.

A magic powder?

Like all other protein powders, a dose of pea protein powder can reduce fatigue and speed post-workout recovery. But she has something more: a good dose of arginine that helps lower blood pressure. Very digestible, it is also perfect for people with lactose intolerance or is allergic to soy, flour or eggs.

As a vegetable product, pea protein is, therefore, one of those ‘eco-friendly’ options that bring even more nutrients to your shakers. Indeed, peas need less water and energy to grow than a cow. Finally, veganism is perhaps not that complicated!

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