The best ab exercises for girls in the gym

Many people associate the concept of “being in shape” with a toned stomach. To get the coveted cubes, you need to lose weight, and then shape the relief using certain techniques. You can do them at home, but abdominal workouts in the gym for girls using machines give the best results.

Top 11 abdominal exercises for girls in the gym

A bench, a fitball, a power rack, a board with a curved back – these are the exercise machines that girls often choose to pump up their abs in the gym. With targeted stress on the abdominal muscles, not only do you get six packs, but your back and buttocks are also strengthened.

1. Crunches on a gymnastic ball

The process involves abdominal muscles, serratus anterior, buttocks, hip adductors, anterior deltoids, rhomboid, and lower trapezius.

  1. Place your hands on the floor and place your shins on the ball. Align your body in line.
  2. As you exhale, round your back and pull your knees together with the fitball towards your solar plexus.
  3. Stay in this position for 3 seconds and roll the sphere back.

Twisting on a fitball

2. Reverse crunches

  1. Lie with your back on the fitball so that it is under your lower back.
  2. Place your hips at right angles to your shoulders.
  3. Place your hands at the back of your head.
  4. Pull your torso up without lifting your waist from the apparatus.

Reverse crunches on a fitball

3. Crunches on a block

The girls in the gym pump their upper abs from the upper block with minimal weight. This practice perfectly works even the deep abdominal muscles and forms an impeccable relief.

  1. Turn to face the machine, then drop to your knees with your back rounded.
  2. Grab the rope and bend toward the floor with your abdominal muscles tense.
  3. As you exhale, straighten up.

Prayer exercise for girls

4. Standing crossover crunches

  1. Attach a handle at the top with two freely hanging ropes.
  2. Turn your back and grab the ends with both hands.
  3. Bend your back and pull the handles with your abs, then straighten your back.

Crossover press while standing

5. Seated torso curl

  1. Sit on a bench with your back to the machine.
  2. Grab the handle and point it towards your shoulders.
  3. As you exhale, bend your body forward until your elbows touch your knees and immediately return to IP.

Crunches while sitting in a crossover

6. Techniques on the horizontal bar for the lower ab

A basic bar exercise is a good alternative to crunches. It not only loads the abdominal muscles, but stretches the spine and develops the core muscles. The target muscle is the iliopsoas. The function of synergists is performed by the sartorius and comb muscles, and the stabilizing function is performed by the rectus and oblique abs.

Execution principle Exercises in the gym for hanging abs are as follows:

  1. Grab the bar with your hands.
  2. Pull your legs up until your thighs touch your stomach.

Hanging leg lift for a girl

Do not sway your body, perform movements using the power of your abdominal muscles.

7. Hanging leg raises with emphasis on the elbows

If it didn’t work out, simplify the technique. Even beginners can do exercise exercises on their elbows. Rest your elbow joints against the sidebars. Make sure your head doesn’t fall into your shoulders. Then work according to the same principle.

Leg raises on parallel bars for abs for girls

8. Hanging straight leg raise

  1. Stay in the basic position.
  2. Raise your limbs symmetrically to the floor, pause and return to IP.

Hanging straight leg raise for girls in the gym

Do it at your own pace.

9. Crunches on a bench

The main load falls on on the serratus anterior, external oblique.

Bench raises with reclining back:

  1. Lie on a board set at an angle of 40°;
  2. Cross your hands at the back of your head.
  3. Pull your body up with a rounded back.

Incline crunches for girls

10. Leg raises on a bench

  1. Lie down on a horizontal board and grab the edges with your palms.
  2. Without lifting your shoulder blades and lower back, lift your legs up.
  3. Then lift your buttocks and pull your entire lower body perpendicular to the floor. Do not swing and lift your body only with the strength of your abdominal muscles.
  4. Slowly return to the starting position.

Leg raises on an ab bench

11. Abdominal exercise in the simulator

  1. Sit in a machine with an adjustable backrest, secure your feet under the bolsters, and grab the handle.
  2. The principle is to tilt the upper body towards the hips while simultaneously twisting at the waist.

Crunches in the simulator

Adjust the number of repetitions based on your personal feelings, and learn to enjoy the process.

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