The 13 Best Abs Exercises You Can Do Standing Up

Crunches, standing in a plank or pumping the press on simulators are, of course, good exercises, but too similar. Fortunately, there is a way to diversify your workouts: if you have never thought about the fact that you can swing abs while standing, then the time has come!

These exercises are considered even more effective because the core muscles are not the only ones that can be seen in the mirror. Your torso is a mass of muscles, ranging from the 6 cubes and obliques (which are on the sides below your ribs) to the muscles that stabilize and support your spine.

How can you swing the press while standing

With all this in mind, in this article, it was decided to publish the best options for standing ab exercises that work all the core muscles. Focus on doing it right, not reps. For example, to lift your leg, contract your abdominal muscles, not your quads or glutes.

How to build abs while standing : Pick 2 or 3 exercises from the list and add them to your regular cardio or strength workout. Perform each movement for the designated number of repetitions or times and repeat them at least twice.

Standing abs exercises

The good news: abdominal exercises are hard to overdo, so be sure to do 2 or 3 options on one day and 2 or 3 others on the next.

1. March in place with twists

  • In general, these are slow and high knee lifts during torso turn. 
  • In this case, the legs are shoulder-width apart, arms above the head, the muscles of the trunk are tense. 
  • Bring your right elbow down to your left knee as you turn, then return to the starting position and repeat in the opposite direction. 
  • When lifting your knee, focus on your core muscles, not your quads or obliques. 
  • Perform alternately on both sides for 60 seconds.
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