Stephanie Davis Unveiled: Body, Hobbies, Career

Stephanie Davis

Many people know the fit girl with an amazing figure as an active blogger who dictates standards of beauty and modern lifestyle. The girl believes that her mission is to help those who strive for physical self-improvement. To this end, the star posts posts with useful information, inviting her million subscribers to adapt it for themselves. In addition, Stephanie has created a universal training program for men and women, and invites you to study with her. For a male audience, she periodically poses nude and posts the pictures in the public domain, motivating guys to build an athletic body.

early years

Stephanie Davis (Stephanie Davis) was born 05/13/1991 in Austria, Carinthia. From early childhood I went in for sports. As soon as the girl grew up, her parents sent her to gymnastics. The classes gave grace and femininity to my movements, which were useful for posing. During her school years, the girl was fond of horse riding and athletics. She started getting serious about fitness in her youth. She was motivated to do this by the successes of Ashley Kaltwasser, India Paulino, and other famous fitness models. Stephanie admits that looking at the chiseled reliefs, she was desperately jealous. This motivated her to give her all in training to become like them.

After 2 years of hard work successfully debuted at a fitness competition. The girl has competed in the fitness bikini category since 2013 and took honorable places from 6th to 1st. In 2014, she became the first at Olympia in Europe. She has a total of 12 performances.
Stephanie Davis bikini

About personal

In January 2017, the model gave birth to her first child from her common-law husband. Judging by recent information in the media, the couple broke up. Everything is possible, because according to the girl, “life is too short to chase illusions and waste energy on who knows what.” Troubles in his personal life further provoked interest in the media personality.

Outside the gym, the gymnast leads an active life.

  • She’s fast moving forward in the modeling business and often poses for photo shoots.
  • Enjoys watching sports shows on TV.
  • Stars in a commercial for Weider sports nutrition.

Shape Options

Indeed, the girl has something to praise herself for. With a height of 163 cm, she weighs 48 kg and has a luxurious relief.

  • Stephanie’s bust size is 87 cm;
  • waist – 60;
  • hips – 86.

Weekly split

It was possible to achieve such forms with the help of self-discipline and program.

  1. On Monday the girl shakes her legs. In the complex: extensions, squats in the hack machine, lunges and presses, sumo squats.
  2. On Tuesday – hands: Dumbbell lifts, French presses, triceps extensions, push-ups.
  3. On Wednesday, the focus is on the back. The program includes: pull-ups, shrugs, rows: block, barbell in front of you, dumbbells to the belt.
  4. On Friday, the chest and abs are targeted: bench presses, push-ups, crunches, scissors, lying and horizontal bar leg raises.
  5. On Sunday – shoulders. In respect of: lateral swings, vertical presses, front rows to the chin, targeted exercises to pump up the 3 deltoids.

Before the competition, Stephanie Davis includes 2 free days of high-intensity training. Davis believes that it not only speeds up the metabolism, but also trains endurance.
Stephanie Davis diet

Star diet

When the model is asked about nutrition, she claims that she never goes on diets, but watches what she puts in her mouth. Menu for the day:

  1. In the morning: oatmeal with coconut flakes and a spoon of honey, a BCAA cocktail.
  2. Lunch: a portion of nuts.
  3. Lunch: protein dish with side dish, vegetables, sports drink.
  4. Afternoon snack: banana or dextrose.
  5. Dinner: grilled fish with vegetables, protein shake.
  6. At night, the fit girl drinks casein protein.

In addition to whey protein, Stephanie uses L-carnitine, creatine, boosters, vitamins, and fish oil. Find out more about Life Today here:

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