Paige Hathaway is a “steel” fitness beauty

Paige Hathaway: anthropometry, achievements, career.

The 31-year-old blonde with brown eyes is one of the most sought-after American models. Looking at her pumped-up abs and buttocks, it’s hard to believe that 7 years ago she was a thin girl without outstanding shape. Today, because of her strong muscles and flawless figure, she is called a “steel” beauty. After her first success at the competition, she called herself a “women’s fitness advocate” and began developing her own training programs. Today she is photographed in a bikini from different angles and receives numerous likes from enthusiastic subscribers.

Paige Hathaway Shape:

  • height – 168 cm;
  • weight – 57 kg;
  • hips – 96 cm;
  • bust – 97 cm.

short biography

Paige Hathaway (Paige Hathaway) was born in the American state of Minnesota on July 31, 1987 in a family of alcoholics. The trailer became my home. When the parents decided it was right, the girl was taken into a foster family. Until the age of 16, she had to change her place of residence and guardians more than once. She couldn’t wait to graduate from school and take care of herself. After receiving my passport, I got 3 jobs. However, being busy did not prevent her from falling into bad company. Fitonyashka does not like to remember the mistakes made in her youth but admits that trials have strengthened her character and taught her responsibility.

In 2011, the girl decided to take up her figure and came to the gym for the first time. The first successes inspired the future star, and she began to prepare for the bikini competition. After 4 months of hard training, took 2nd place at the main American tournament. The result determined my future fate and forced me to reconsider my life values. In 2012, Paige Hathaway performed at “NPC Oklahoma City Grand Prix” and consolidated the success. Next performance on “NPC USA Championships” Paige failed – her name was 16th in the standings.
Paige Hathaway fitness bikini

Career turnaround

In 2013, the magazine “FLEX” held a competition “Bikini Model Search”. Paige won, and immediately gave up trying to participate in competitive competitions. She focused on building a career as a fitness model. In addition, sports publications vied with each other to offer to star in spreads and magazine covers. Popularity did not stop me from enrolling in instructor courses and receiving a certificate as a professional trainer.

Instagram star

During this period, Page became active on social networks. Today she is ahead of many stars in terms of the number of followers, but she is not going to stop there. To attract new subscribers, she posts provocative pictures. Thanks to fans and product advertising Shredz on the page, American last year earned almost $5.5 million online. The media also periodically publishes her photo with intriguing captions like “Pretty Paige showed off her firm buttocks”. Of course, it is not without criticism. Connoisseurs of curvaceous figures are outraged that the only thing that distinguishes a model from a jock is the presence of breasts. Fitonyashka does not pay attention to envious people and continues to give recommendations on building an athletic body.

About Nutrition

The girl shares the principles of healthy eating and recommends Following the 80/20 principle when it comes to food. The bulk of her diet consists of healthy foods.

Training of Paige Hathaway

Paige Hathaway workout

The model records her workouts on video, posts them online, and invites others to work out with her. In your programs focus on women’s problem areas using basic and isolation exercises. Warns that the biggest mistake athletes make is an imbalance between work and rest. Overtraining leads to an athletic plateau, fatigue, dissatisfaction with oneself, and decreased motivation. Today, Paige Hathaway is single, lives in California, and is completely focused on her career.



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