Natalia Carvalho is a social media star and fitness model from Brazil.

Natalia Carvalho, also known in her home country of Brazil as “Natigalgos”, is a fairly successful fitness model and social media celebrity. A large number of people support Natalia online, inspired by her incredible physique.

Boasting curvy legs and glutes along with an aesthetically pleasing upper body, Natalia has worked hard for years to reach her fitness level. This includes numerous gym workouts, a clean diet, as well as nutritional supplements.

With her stunning figure and growing success in the fitness industry, there’s a lot more to be seen and heard from Natalia. Our heroine’s career is still in full swing. Here are some of her best photos, workout snippets, nutrition examples and more.


Natalia trains with high volume, incorporating many approaches into her workouts. When she trains her legs, she also likes to lift weights.

Some of her favorite exercises include squats and deadlifts, which tone and shape her muscles. Along with cardio workouts that help her achieve a slim and aesthetic physique.


Diet of Natalia Carvalho

Natalia always follows a healthy and clean diet, even when she doesn’t have any competitions coming up. She likes to eat plenty of lean chicken, grass-fed beef, eggs and low-fat cheese as sources of protein.

When it comes to carbohydrates, Natalia likes to eat brown rice, whole grain bread, sweet potatoes and quinoa. She will eat these foods throughout the day, and avoid simple sources of carbohydrates such as sugar.

Natalia also consumes a lot of healthy fats. These include olive oil, avocados, nuts and seeds. These foods not only provide Natalia with a constant source of energy, but also support her overall health.

Fighting food cravings

When Natalia gets cravings for certain foods, she likes to do a few things to avoid craving them.

First, she will drink a lot of water. This will fill her stomach and reduce her appetite. If that doesn’t work, she’ll eat something large but low in calories, like a bowl of salad.

If she has a strong craving for sweets, Natalya will choose a natural fruit smoothie that will provide her body with important nutrients.

What we can learn from Natalia Carvalho

Natalia Carvalho’s approach to diet is not easy, but it brings results.

What we could learn from Natalia is that dedication and consistency bring results. No matter how difficult your fitness journey may be, remember that if you are dedicated, you too can create an amazing physique – just like Natalia Carvalho.

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