Maren Turmo is a charming young fitness starlet from Norway.

Maren Turmo is a fitness model from Oslo, Norway. She gained recognition by posting photos and videos of her fitness lifestyle, thereby attracting an army of fans.

Maren Turmo

Maren Turmo

Using online platforms to share her knowledge about training and nutrition, Maren continues to develop and gain recognition in the world of the fitness industry. There is no doubt that this young girl will definitely grace the world of fitness with her example for many years to come.

“When you live at your own pace, people may not understand you, they may even hate you. But mostly they will regret that they didn’t have the courage to do the same,” says Maren.

“Looking back on my fitness journey, I realize that I need to focus on the positive things that happened rather than the negative ones. I realized that I should never give up, no matter how hard it gets. Because I will never lose. I will either win or gain the necessary experience. Never let petty and envious people drag you down! These people will always find a way to make your success look negative. Don't let the jealousy of these people affect you and your success. Do your thing, work hard and achieve your goals!”

Workouts by Maren Turmo

Cardio training

Maren says her cardio frequency depends on her fitness goals. If she feels she can burn excess fat, Maren will do cardio four to seven times a week.

However, if she's happy with her figure, Maren won't do more than three cardio workouts a week.

As for Maren's favorite forms of cardio exercise, it's HIIT and walking outdoors.

Power training

Some of Maren's favorite body parts are her legs, butt, and abs. She works on these body parts several times a week at the gym.

Maren usually starts her workouts by warming up the muscles she will be training that day. After that, she begins the real workout with several sets of heavy compound exercises.

Once Maren finishes her heavy workout, she finishes it off with a few more sets of high-intensity isolation movements using light weights.


Maren eats extremely healthy food every day, which is not difficult for her at all. As Maren said, “Some people might think I eat too healthy, but that's normal for me and I like to eat healthy. I’ve actually been eating the way I do now for as long as I can remember.”

For breakfast she usually eats oatmeal. It's one of her favorite foods – it's rich in nutrients like fiber, iron, magnesium and protein. Plus, the fiber in oats helps Maren stay full throughout the morning.

For lunch, Maren will have low-fat cottage cheese with berries. She says that although it is not one of her favorite foods, she still eats it because it is full of healthy nutrients.

As for dinner, Maren will cook herself something nicer. For example, salmon or cod, as well as sweet potatoes, asparagus and other green vegetables. Finally, Maren’s first meal before bed is eggs with vegetables. She considers eggs one of the most nutritious foods, containing protein necessary for muscle growth.

“You learn more from failures than from successes. Don't let this stop you. Failure builds character,” says Maren.

What can we learn from Maren Turmo?

Following a clean diet like Maren's is no easy task. As our heroine says, it doesn't matter how strong your willpower is – if you don't like this lifestyle, you will eventually give up.

For this reason, it is important to follow your passions and do what you truly love. By doing this, you can live a lifestyle of fulfillment and happiness, just like Maren Thurmo.

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