Lais DeLeon a Fitness Girl, Nutrition and Training Strategies

Lais DeLeon a Fitness Girl, Nutrition and Training Strategies

A fit girl with sculptural shapes is included in the rating of popular fitness models of our time. Despite her toned muscles, Lais DeLeon looks feminine and sexy. To emphasize the advantages of her figure, the girl poses in tight clothes and a bikini. Looking at the athlete’s pleasant curves, no one has any doubt about the benefits of strength training.

How it all began

Lais Deleon is originally from from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Date of birth: 09/13/1987. Later the girl is with her parents moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico. At the age of 19, she began working as a model and training hard. Despite her pumped-up body and chic parameters, the girl did not participate in the fitness bikini.

Body measurements of Lais DeLeon

  • With a height of 160 cm;
  • Lais weighs 50 kg;
  • waist circumference is 58 cm;
  • bust – 80;
  • hips – 86.

When asked how she managed to pump up such buttocks, the Instagram star replies that it is partly due to genetics, but diet and work in the gym helped to model the shape.

About Nutrition

Fitonyashka does not count every calorie, but carefully selects foods.

She starts the day with warm water and a protein shake. Dilute cold coffee with almond milk, and add a handful of rolled oats, 2 liters each. sports nutrition and peanut butter. For each meal he eats 30 g of protein, 100 g of slow carbohydrates. Loves poultry, fish, sprouted seeds and does not eat dairy products.

How to have a figure like a Lais DeLeon

The fit girl admits that training brings her pleasure, and she “gets an orgasm from the results.” For productive work, he advises:

  1. Start your training with a 10-minute warm-up. For this purpose, the model uses an expander and manual exercises on a simulator with minimal weight.
  2. Go straight to strength training and basic exercises. “As long as there is a lot of energy, it is easier to squeeze out the shells. Such exercises work many muscles at once and save time.”
  3. Do not lift heavy weights, performing 5 repetitions. “It’s better to remove a couple of plates and increase the number of repetitions to 10 in each set.”

Lais DeLeon training

Lais DeLeon’s priority is shoulder exercises. She often performs short arm flyes, without raising them to 90°, to pump up the deltoids. For shoulder volume, the girl performs 10×4 repetitions, for relief, 20×4, working with light weight. The program includes:

The next day girl trains chest and shoulders, on the third – press, on the 4th Conducts circuit training of the lower body. Then they go rows on the back and arms. The weekly split ends with high interval training with an emphasis on plyometric exercises. Lais often adjusts programs.

To reboot after 1.5 months of work in the gym, the fitness girl allows herself a week’s rest.

What is he doing now?

DeLeon has almost a million followers on Instagram:  Lais’ fans are delighted with her figure. To become like their idol, girls practice to her videos, which she posts online. Men are turned on by the fact that she is single and is looking for a companion. But the fit girl will marry a purposeful guy who can train in the same regime.

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