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Jennifer Nicole Lee

Jennifer Nicole Lee is known as the author of weight loss techniques and training programs JNL Fusion, seven books about a sports lifestyle. After the birth of two children, she managed not only to lose 35 kg, but also build a brilliant career. Today, the 43-year-old athlete is happy with her life, family, and her beautiful appearance. On social networks, in interviews and on TV, he popularizes sports and motivates women to lose weight. For those who have already picked up the equipment and are practicing according to her method, the fitness program promises body transformation in 3 months.


Italian Jennifer Nicole Lee (Jennifer Nicole Lee) was born in America on June 13, 1975 in the city of Rochester. I spent my childhood in Tennessee. Girl I was chubby from birth. In adolescence and adolescence, I tried to lose weight with the help of diets, but I always lost in the fight against excess weight. Before marriage, with a height of 175 cm, the weight reached 77 kg. After the second birth, the situation became critical. Jennifer realized that if she did not take radical measures, the scales would exceed 100 kg. This encouraged me to take up fitness and completely reconsider my approach to life.

“Slimness is not thinness, but strength”

So, in a few words, Nicole Lee expresses her attitude towards beauty standards. She argues that size is a tag on clothes that doesn’t matter. It is important to have strong muscles and good endurance. The model’s philosophy is justified by victories over oneself and achievements in sports. By her example, she proved that the status of a mother does not interfere with physical self-improvement and career.

By 1996, Jennifer had lost 32 kg and gained muscle. A young mother took part in the show “Miss Bikini” And became the first. Success spurred me on to training and new victories. Until 2009, she took first and second places in category “fitness bikini”. Having won another victory in 2004, she began working as a coach in an elite gym. In this period founded a company and released a collection under her own name. In 2012, according to the media received the title “best fitness mom”. Her photographs grace the covers of 44 publications. Among them: Fitness Rx, Natural Muscles, Fat Loss. Photos of Jennifer Nicole Lee before and after:

Jennifer Nicole Lee before and after weight loss

Shape Options

  • weight – 58 kg;
  • bust – 103 cm;
  • waist – 64;
  • hips – 95.

Training principles

Jennifer’s own nutritional methods and program helped her lose weight. The model claims that The best way to tighten muscles is strength training. They not only burn fat, but also generate energy. Fitonyashka recommends performing them in 6 approaches without pauses in 3 sessions at a fast pace every other day.

  1. One of my favorite practices is jumping rope. ten minutes of work replaces half an hour of running.
  2. The lower part is trained with plyometric exercises – intense jumps on a low platform.
  3. The adductors of the hips and legs are pumped with squats with apparatus in the hands, lunges, sumo, and plie.
  4. For the press he performs “scissors”, “pendulum” and crunches.

To speed up your metabolism, Jennifer advises breaking the program into 2 parts and training in the morning and evening.
Jennifer Nicole Lee workout

Star Diet

The fashion model urges you not to starve yourself, but don’t forget to control your portions. In the morning she loads her body with carbohydrates, and in the afternoon she prefers protein foods.

For dinner he eats a fresh salad with fish or meat. Replaces sweets with empty calories with fresh fruit. Throughout the day and before training, Jennifer drinks protein.

Menu for one day:

  1. Morning: 4 squirrels, porridge with water, tea.
  2. Lunch: fruit.
  3. Lunch: baked fish with vegetables, and rice.
  4. Afternoon snack: yogurt.
  5. Dinner: lean protein dish.

What is the star doing now?

The model has made many educational films, and she herself managed to act with director Makla Bey. He is still the face of the BSN brand for the production of sports nutrition. Today he conducts online seminars, posts videos on his websites, photos from training sessions, and poses for magazines.

Jennifer Nicole Lee advises her subscribers to forget about the excuse of lack of time, count calories, and exercise regularly.

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