How to properly use a massage roller?

Don’t just fidget on a piece of foam. For optimal efficiency of the massage roller, we have selected 5 errors far too often made by practitioners. Then apply our recommendations to optimize your use.

The 5 mistakes of using the massage roller

Because it improves blood circulation and relieves pain, the massage roller is a great accessory for getting rid of the contraction nodes in the soft tissue. Another advantage, it costs much less than sessions at the physiotherapist! On the other hand, if we misuse it, it will be time wasted for nothing. We, therefore, asked Ron Johnson, the designer of the “Rumble Roller”, to tell us how to avoid these common faults which compromise the beneficial effects of these massages.

1) You are going too fast

“We don’t spread pizza dough,” says Johnson. “We are trying to implement neurological changes in a muscle and it does not happen instantly!” »Did you come across a sensitive place? Work on it for twenty seconds or more, then roll on it very slowly until you find the next pain point.

2) You only use the roller in the indoor

Contrary to popular belief, the gym should only be used for training, said Johnson. “Give yourself to the room and use the roller at home. These massages have nothing to do with training and neither do they replace a good warm-up. Their aim is therapeutic. Clearly: foam roll and Netflix at the same time.

3) You contract the muscle

“Focus on relaxing the muscle so that the roller sinks and reaches the deep fibers,” advises Johnson. “Don’t worry too much about the position of the body or the technique. Since the body does not support any load, postural alignment does not play a critical role. Position yourself on the roller so that it is well on the point to be treated, relax, and let the roller do its work. “

4) You only use one type of roller

If you cannot bear the pressure on a sensitive area, the roller is probably too firm. In this case, lower the intensity by one notch. “There is no shame in using a softer roller, different rollers or massage equipment depending on the muscle groups. Since most of these accessories cost less than a single physiotherapy session, we can afford to buy more than one. ”

5) You neglect the ends of the muscle

“To get the most out of massages with the massage roller, you have to work the muscle near its insertion,” adds Johnson. “These areas are easier to reach with a spiked roller than with a smooth roller.”

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