How to choose a Yoga Mat: 9 Steps to Find The Right Yoga Mat

“ I decided to start yoga. I want to progress in my practice, how can I find the right mat for me? “It’s one of the most common questions that come to me. In this article, I will explain the requirements of a yoga mat to the finest detail. What should we look out for on a yoga mat? Let’s see it together.

1. Consider your body type.

If your joints are sore after a short while, you may need a thicker mat. 

You can choose extra filled yoga mats. Standard yoga mats are between 3 mm-8 mm. If you have problems with your knees and joints, you can increase this thickness.
Your height is also effective in choosing your mat. Standard yoga mats are 170 cm. If you have a very long height, you can choose extra-long mats.

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