Fitonyashka from Sweden – Filippa Fransson

Hello, friends! Many of you are probably familiar with the famous fitness model from Sweden named Anna Nystrom. Her Instagram account has more than 8 million subscribers. This blonde has been attracting men for many years with her beauty and appetizing forms; she has hundreds of contracts and dozens of sponsors around the world. The successful fitness model is now 30 years old and still looks amazing. Her image is so bright and recognizable that people began to copy it and imitate it in every possible way.

Anna Nystrom

Anna Nystrom

And today she is being successfully pushed out of the Olympus of popularity by a compatriot named Philippa Fransson, whose appearance involuntarily forces comparison with Anna. They are very similar. Blonde, curvy, modest and, of course, beautiful, the 23-year-old native of Sweden does not yet have such an army of fans as her more popular colleague, however, the growth of her popularity is close to how Anna successfully moved forward. In her profile on social networks, she even chooses the same posing positions as her older and famous compatriot. Agree, the similarities are really huge. But today I will no longer compare these two girls, but will tell you in more detail about Philippa Fransson.

Despite Philippa’s wild popularity, there is very little information about her on the Internet. The girl was born on September 9, 1998. The exact city of birth is not known. It also remains a mystery where and how she grew up, as well as what she did as a child. There is also no information about Philippa’s parents. Apparently, she tries to keep her family life secret. It is only known that she has a sister, Amanda, photographs of whom can be seen on Philippa’s Instagram profile. I can say that my sister’s figure is no worse than our heroine’s. And that most likely the Fransson sisters are half-steps, they don’t look very much alike. Blonde with blue eyes Philip and dark brown-eyed brunette Amanda. Plus, there is information on the Internet that Amanda has not only Swedish, but also Indian roots. Draw your own conclusions. But let’s return to our heroine.

Philippa and Amanda Fransson

Philippa and Amanda Fransson

With a height of 165 centimeters, Philip has figure measurements of 86 (size 3) – 71 – 101 centimeters. Looking at her figure from behind, and without seeing her face, I would say that she is some kind of Latin American, but not Swedish. I don’t remember that female fitness models from European countries could boast of 101 centimeters in hip volume. If you know such people, write them in the comments.

Naturally, this could not be done without training with weights. The Swede trains 4-5 times a week. Although Philippa loves to do cardio, her figure was created in the gym by strength training with weights. She alternates between high-repetition, low-volume training and heavy compound training. Thus, he tries to surprise his body and give it an incentive for muscle growth.

But more often it works for high repetitions with moderate weight at a high heart rate. Thus, according to Philippa, she kills two birds with one stone. It creates a cardio effect and burns fat, and the weight that the Swede works with on heavy volume training days helps to gain the necessary kilograms of meat. Another rule in training that Fransson follows is maintaining a high tempo of the training process. One of the ways she achieves this is by resting briefly between sets.

Nowadays it is fashionable among girls to have everything big. Lips, breasts, hips. Philippa’s first two positions on this list are already quite good, but the third had to be worked on to give it the shape that we can see in photographs and videos. As you can see from our heroine’s Instagram, she places the main emphasis on working out the lower part of the body – legs and buttocks. These are squats with a barbell, in a hack machine, various deadlifts and all kinds of lunges. Of course, she doesn’t forget about the upper body, and prefers working with free weights.

Naturally, with such a figure and such a cute face, as well as with long ash-colored hair, the girl works as a model for various kinds of sportswear, appears in glossy magazines, and also collaborates with lingerie and sports nutrition brands. Speaking of nutrition:

Basically, Philippa eats a balanced diet, avoiding junk food. However, on Sundays she does a fasting day, having a cheat meal and allowing herself to eat whatever she wants. The girl cannot be called a sweet tooth, so on such high days she prefers hamburgers and French fries. When it comes to supplements, Philippa avoids them. But if she cannot meet her daily requirement of protein from food, then whey protein or protein bars come to the rescue.

Currently, Fransson lives in hot Spain, visiting home only for occasional visits to visit family, friends and work. The rest of the time she builds her modeling career in another country. Nothing is known about her personal life, but I know for sure that at the moment the girl is single. So guys, let’s not waste time, take tickets and fly to Spain in search of this beauty. And also, write in the comments who you like more: Anna Nystrom or Philippa Fransson, or maybe her sister Amanda? And don’t forget to subscribe to the channel, like and click on the bell so you don’t miss a new episode! Thank you for being with us! See you again!

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