Exercises on a fitball for the ab: options and techniques

An excellent opportunity to tone your abdominal muscles is to include abdominal exercises on a fitball in your training program. With their help, it is possible to pump up even small muscles that receive only indirect load when performing targeted practices. They improve agility and develop flexibility and balance. The maximum effect is achieved when working with a spiked fitness ball. It additionally stimulates blood flow and has an anti-cellulite and therapeutic effect.

Top 12 best exercises on a fitball for the abs

1. Rolls on a fitball

Perform complex coordination practice at the beginning of the block. It warms up the joints and tones all the muscles of the body.

  1. Lie on the ball, place your palms on the floor, and lift your legs in the center.
  2. Move your hands forward and move the ball behind you until it is under your pelvis.
  3. Align your body with a ruler, raise your head and stay in this position for 5 seconds.
  4. Make a series of reverse movements and return it to the starting position. Work until you get tired.

Fitball rolls

2. Push-ups on a fitness ball

Although lifting the body from support requires maximum effort, compared to the classic version, Efficiency is much higher. Practice requires mental control and coordination of movements.

  1. Remaining in the same position, perform a series of push-ups.
  2. To make the process easier, roll the ball under your knees.

Fitball push-ups

3. Single Leg Raises

  1. Lie on the sphere with emphasis on your shoulder blades, without touching the surface with your shoulders.
  2. Connect the hands at the back of the head into a lock.
  3. Bend your knees at a right angle and with a rounded back, pull your body and right leg up.
  4. Freeze for 3 seconds and repeat 14 times.
  5. Repeat the movements for the opposite leg.

Return to IP and repeat 15 x 2 for each side.

Crunches with leg raises on a fitness ball

4. Straight rolls and climbs

  1. Lying on the floor, place your feet on an exercise ball.
  2. Using your abdominal muscles, roll it towards you.
  3. Pause and bring it back.

Fitball rolls

5. Crunches while lying on the floor

  1. Now place your feet on the sphere. Place your hands behind your head.
  2. Pull your stomach in and pull your shoulders toward your hips until a burning sensation appears in your stomach.

Press on fitball

For optimal processing: 2 sets of 15 times with bent and straight legs.

6. abs on a fitball for women while sitting

  1. Slide down from the ball.
  2. Without changing the position of your back, bend your knees.
  3. Raise your buttocks while straightening your knees. Roll the ball back with your shoulders, resting your shoulder blades on the surface.
  4. Make sure that a straight line is formed between the top of the head and the knees, and that maximum tension is maintained in the abdominal muscles.

Abdominal exercise on a fitness ball

Lie down for 30 seconds and repeat 2-3 more times.

7. Glute bridge on a fitball

  1. Sit on the sphere with a straight back, placing your feet on the floor in line with your hips.
  2. Slide down until your shoulder blades touch the surface.
  3. Place your hands behind your head and perform pelvic lifts with tightened abdominal muscles.

Glute bridge with fitball

8. Fitball exercises for oblique abdominal muscles

  1. From this position, lift your body up and to the left, reaching with your right hand to the opposite knee.
  2. Then return to IP and make similar movements to the right side.

Side crunches

9. Side plank

  1. Lean on the ball with your left side and hug it with your hand.
  2. Place the outer arch of your foot on the floor.
  3. Raise your top leg as much as possible and don’t forget about pauses at the top.

Side plank on fitball

10. Hourglass

  1. Lower your back to the floor and hold the ball between your ankles.
  2. Without lifting your pelvis from the surface, move your legs in opposite directions (15×2).

Pendulum with fitball

11. Double crunches

  1. Take a lying position, and hold the fitball between your knees.
  2. For balance, keep your hands at the back of your head.
  3. As you inhale, lift your shoulders and pull the ball up perpendicular to the floor.

Double crunches with fitball

Execute 10×3.

12. Springs with ball transfer

  1. Without changing your position, take the ball in your hands and place it behind your head.
  2. Stretch your legs and lift them slightly off the floor.
  3. As you inhale, lift your shoulders and reach toward your feet. Place the ball between them, fix it, twist it and lie on your back.
  4. Then rise again and grab it with your hands, twisting at the waist in the opposite direction. Work until you get tired.

Passing the ball from hands to feet

Stretching for the abdominal muscles on a fitball

At the end of the block, do a stretch.

  1. Rise to your knees, placing them in line with your shoulders, and tighten your abdominal muscles.
  2. Hold the sphere with your hands next to you.
  3. As you exhale, roll it forward as far as your arm’s length allows.
  4. Hold at the endpoint for 5 seconds.

Stretching with a fitball

The biomechanics of movements are similar to the roller technique.

How to pump up your abs on a fitball

Perform all exercises with a fitball at a slow pace three times a week, or find time for daily 5-minute workouts. In this case, select only 2-3 techniques from the proposed complex and change them every 3 weeks.

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