Eva Andressa Vieira: biography, body measurements, training

Eva Andressa Vieira: biography, body measurements, training

A charming girl with an athletic figure is the most popular fitness model in Brazil. However, her muscles and chiseled figure do not prevent her from looking feminine and sweet. Her Facebook poses inspire thousands of women to exercise. Recently, Eva wrote that accepting yourself and your appearance influences your destiny and self-esteem – the main factor in achieving your goal.

Shape Options

Perseverance and desire allowed a girl with a typical skinny-fat figure to become a fashion model with luxurious shapes.

  • A bodybuilder’s weight at competitions does not exceed 58 kg.
  • In the off-season, he is 5 kg more.
  • Height – 163 cm.
  • Hand diameter – 32.5 cm.

Body parameters — 97x66x103 cm. The girl wears size 38 clothes.

Biography of the Brazilian champion

Eva Andressa’s full name is Eva Andressa Vieira Nascimento. Born in Brazil on December 19, 1984 in the state of Parana, Curitiba. Until the age of 17, the girl had no interest in sports. Watching models on the catwalk, flipping through glossy magazines, and dissatisfaction with my body pushed me toward physical transformation. At first, Eva’s plans were to give her thin buttocks roundness and gain a couple of kilograms of muscle mass. She worked in the hall for 2 years and quit due to lack of motivation. During this time, the figure changed and became chiseled.

Conquering the peaks

But fate had other plans for her. Soon she met a bodybuilder Jardela Barrosa, who returned her to the sport. He became Eva’s personal trainer and husband. Good genetic potential and the right training system allowed the girl to quickly achieve success.

  • In 2005, for the first time won the competition V Figure NABBA in category “Body Fitness”.
  • A year later, it became national champion.
  • In 2007, Eva disappeared from competitive bodybuilding for a year, but already in 2008 she participated in the next IFBB tournament. In 2009 again received the title Brazilian champion.

Eva Andressa Fitness Bikini

Participation in talk shows brought widespread fame V Programa do Jo. After this program, the model received offers to appear on the front pages of famous sports publications. In 2013, after posing nude for Sexy, she became a star and the most popular model in the country.
Eva Andressa Fitness Model

Program from a fitness diva for buttocks

Eva willingly shares her training principles on social media pages. To begin with, the fitness girl suggests warming up, and then proceeding to the basic complex. Follow 5 repetitions with a minute interval between sets and 4 pause 40 seconds between sets.

  1. The main thing in this exercise is not to rush. Get into dog pose and pull your knees up in your chest one at a time (30 times).
  2. Perform a series of classic lunges forward, then replace stepping forward with jumping (12 times for both sides).
  3. Squat down, hitting the floor with your foot.
  4. Perform sumo with knee raises.
  5. Stand in a “plank” position and complicate the static exercise with straight leg raises.
  6. Push your toes and squat on your toes.
  7. Complete 20 repetitions of burpees.
  8. Do the pistol exercise 13 times for each leg.

Eva Andressa workout

Tips from Eva for the abs

To be in shape, it is useless to pump only your buttocks. The muscles of the whole body should receive the same load. The fitness model warns that even slender girls need to take care of pumping up their abs and reconsider their diet. The carbohydrate intake should not exceed 120 g per day. What kind of food it will be – chocolate or apple – everyone decides for themselves. Main so that the body receives carbohydrates and a lot of protein.

When it comes to training, Vieira recommends not limiting yourself to cardio and crunches, but paying due attention to basic strength techniques.

For endurance she suggests increasing the number of repetitions of weighted techniques up to 20 times, and for super-endurance up to 30.

  • For beginners, It’s better to limit yourself to one set;
  • professional performance three.

Eva Andessa Vieira now

The athlete finished her competitive career in 2010. Immediately after leaving signed an advertising contract with the Maximum Human Performance brand for the production of nutritional supplements for athletes. Today, the highly-paid fitness model continues to work on herself, popularizes bodybuilding, participates in public events, and appears in music videos.

On Instagram, she invites her 6 million subscribers to see new motivational photos. On YouTube, Andressa shares her training experiences with her fans.



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