Elisa Pechini: biography, achievements, and photos of the Brazilian

biography, achievements and photos of fitness bikini

Athlete Elisa Pechini has been competing in the fitness bikini category since 2015. This fitness model became the youngest athlete to receive a PRO card. She received the status of a professional athlete at the age of nineteen. She became the winner of the IFBB Pro League Olympia Bikini 2019 competition.


  • Height: 166 cm.
  • Weight: 56 kg.

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The rising bodybuilding star was born on January 20, 1997 in Zumare, Brazil. At the age of 13, the future fitness model suffered from anorexia. The girl remained in this state for two years. During her illness, the girl lost weight from 56 kilograms to 37. As a result, she was hospitalized in the hospital, where she spent five weeks.

Immediately after recovery, Eliza took up fitness. However, the goal of the training was aimed at restoring the physiological capabilities of the body, and not at a fashion show on the podium of bodybuilding competitions, but as is usually the case, training became an integral part of her life. The girl became interested in diets aimed at gaining high-quality muscle mass and delved into studying training methods. Studying and mastering the exercises took eight months. Already at the age of 18 she received a PRO card and began her professional career.

According to the athlete, the goal of her training and participation in competitions is to motivate and inspire others.

Elisa’s education is in the Faculty of Physical Education at Anhanguera Educational.

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  • Olympia Bikini 2017 – 9th place.
  • MuscleContest Nacional 2018 – 1st place.
  • Brazil, Pittsburgh 2018 – 1st place.
  • World Klash Pro Bikini – 1st place.
  • MuscleContest Nacional Pro Bikini – 1st place.

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