Caitlin Rice GYM CRUSH

Caitlin Rice GYM CRUSH

Kim Kardashian’s buttocks have set a new trend in fashion and haunt many. The network is unanimously discussing the shape and size of the butts of models competing with the star, and ranking the nominees for victory. Scrolling through your Instagram feed, you can see butts of different shapes and sizes. On the Internet, 26-year-old Canadian model Caitlin Rice has gained popularity thanks to her curvaceous figure. In terms of the number of likes and enthusiastic reviews.

Are Caitlin Rice’s buttocks real?

Caitlin prides herself on her feminine figure and sculpted body. To have such grace, the fit girl encourages her 1.4 million followers to visit the gym more often.

Looking at the photo of the star before and after, it is not difficult to imagine how many tons of iron the girl had to lift in order to increase such volumes. Many argue that this could not have happened without implants. To dispel doubts, Caitlin publicly posts a video from the gym, where she works hard. In addition, he gives competent advice on healthy lifestyles and inspires him to sporting feats by personal example.

Caitlin Rice before and after photos


Caitlin Rice was born November 7, 1991 in Dallas, in a military family. Due to his father’s service, the family moved frequently. During her studies, the girl changed several schools. When she turned 16, she decided to settle in Atlanta, Georgia, and focus on her modeling career. The girl, not accustomed to living independently, had a hard time at first. Since her profession required her to have certain standards, she limited herself in food.

Due to the lack of basic knowledge about the principles of nutrition, Caitlin drove herself to the point of exhaustion and began to look like an anorexic teenage girl.

Despite the efforts expended, the career did not work out. Frustrated, Rice decided to focus on getting an education. A new stage has begun in life with parties, cocktails, and sweet drinks. In a short time the student gained 7 kg. At the same time, I met Braden at a party and fell head over heels in love. The guy was actively involved in fitness and adhered to a sports diet.

Looking at her boyfriend’s fit figure, Caitlin decided to get involved in the process and, on the advice of a friend, switch to proper nutrition. A systematic approach to training allowed me to quickly lose weight and get into shape. One day the girl caught herself thinking that she liked to carry iron. Since then I started writing posts, sharing impressions and photos from training.

Later, the fit girl started thinking about her career. After graduating from the University of Economics in Dallas, she and her husband Braden moved to Canada. Here I started creating my own projects and selling training programs. Now fitness sites such as Sporting News RX Musclefamous sports brands. The couple opened a line of sportswear and successfully sold the collections.

Caitlin on training

The model claims that there is no magic exercise for the buttocks. Muscles grow from constant exercise. 80 percent of success depends on nutrition.
To get curvy figures will help:

These exercises give maximum load to the gluteal muscles and hamstrings, creating appetizing shapes. The main thing is to hold out until the first result, inspiring for further training:

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