Ana Cheri – social media star, fitness model, TV presenter

Ana Cheri is one of the most recognizable faces in the fitness industry. Over the course of her career, the girl has built an impressive fitness empire, including many business projects and a huge number of subscribers on social networks, making numerous appearances on television.

Ana was born in 1986 in Anaheim, California, and has lived and worked in the Golden State her entire life. As a teenager, she enjoyed playing soccer and cheerleading, and was a star on her school's track team.

Her caring parents, Amanda and Alvin, provided a loving, stable environment in which Ana could pursue her dreams, and she made the most of every opportunity that came her way.

After graduating from high school, our heroine graduated from cosmetology school and worked as a hairdresser before earning a bachelor's degree in marketing.

Fitness Philosophy

Ana's training and fitness philosophy focuses on strength training. She loves high-intensity interval training, which combines strength and cardio.

And obviously it works for her and her fans. For a fairly small person, weighing around 62 kg, Ana's maximum deadlift of 95 kg is very impressive!

Social media fame

Ana's path to fitness fame began with her Instagram channel. Her unique and striking features, due to her combination of Caucasian, Native American and Latin American heritage, along with her curvy figure and inspiring fitness tips, have earned her publications much interest.

Her Instagram channel continues to be extremely popular, with over 13 million followers. Each post reportedly earns Ana more than $5,000.

Her other social media channels are also gaining traction. On YouTube, she offers more in-depth fitness and workout tips, as well as makeup and nutrition tips to her nearly 100,000 subscribers.

Fitness model

Soon, popular brands such as Monster Energy, Punch Magazines, Moskovo Underwear and Toyo Tires appeared, looking to attract Ana's gorgeous looks, impressive physique and dedicated attitude to their marketing campaigns.

Her big break came in 2015 when Playboy made Ana their Playmate of the Month for October. This sent Ana's profile into orbit. She soon landed more modeling gigs in major fitness publications such as Muscle and Fitness Magazine, while Maxim made her their Instagram Girl of the Week.”

Brand and work on television

She is currently an ambassador for Shred Z Supplements, one of the leading bodybuilding and weight loss supplement brands. With Shred Z, Ana travels the country giving talks on its beneficial effects, as well as sharing her thoughts on positive thinking and developing an effective fitness regime.

As her reputation as a fitness expert grew, she created her own television series, Ana Cheri Boot Camp, which she co-hosted with her now ex-husband Ben Moreland, who is a personal trainer and has competed in various martial arts competitions.

Ana and Ben used their fitness know-how to help three mums on their fitness journey to restore their bodies and self-esteem through 12 weeks of intense workouts and lifestyle changes.

The show was very well received and convinced Ana to continue using her experience to help women in particular achieve their fitness goals.

Business ventures and business

To this end, Ana decided to launch her own line of sportswear. Based in Lakewood, California, CheriFit offers premium women's activewear at affordable prices and is extremely popular. Her website is another valuable source of high-quality merchandise, where she sells a wide range of products including T-shirts, calendars, and lingerie.

Ana also opened a gym in Santa Anna called Be More Athletics and has even written three well-received books on health and fitness.

Ana has already achieved a lot in the fitness world as a model and entrepreneur, as well as through her exploits as a TV presenter. It's hard to say what's next for this fitness star on social media, but you can certainly follow her on Instagram to find out!

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