Abs: how to pump up and how many a person has

Abs are the result of long-term training, pumping the rectus and lateral abdominal muscles. With 9-13% fat content in the subcutaneous matrix, tendon bridges are visible in athletes with lean figures. The number of cubes depends on the anatomical features – 4-8. To increase the tuberosity and volume of the muscles, the abs are pumped by twisting and lifting heavy weights.

Photo selection of abs for guys

Drawn abs on the stomach are the envy of any man. Symmetrically located muscle bundles with pronounced relief appear as a result of a systematic approach to training and nutrition.

How many abs do men have?

Looking at the ideal bodies of bodybuilders, it is easy to calculate how many six-pack abs there are. Some have 4 cubes visible above the lower abdomen, others have miniature bulges even in the area of ​​the ribs, and still others have as many as 8 on their stomach.

How to pump up abs for a man

They were able to achieve such results with a correctly composed training program including:

  • selection of exercises for burning fat;
  • correct execution technique;
  • compliance with the sports regime;
  • frequency of classes.

Misconceptions that will not help you make cubes

To achieve results, you do not need to trust conflicting advice from magazines but rely on the opinion of practitioners.

Myth No. 1 – Repeated body lifts

To quickly burn subcutaneous fat, there is no need to perform several hundred lifts. It’s better to ask bodybuilders how long it takes to pump up your abs to get six packs. They know that the exercise is beneficial if the number of repetitions in total does not exceed 60 times (20 x3). With multiple contractions abdominal muscles and rounding of the back will cause problems with posture. In addition, lifting weakly stimulates hypertrophy. If you have a goal to develop endurance abdominal muscles, then this method is acceptable.

Myth No. 2 – exercising at a home gym

Don’t trust advertising, which insistently offers to buy one of the many miracle exercise machines for burning fat on the stomach and sides. Consumers annually spend about 207 million dollars on their purchases, but the number of people with athletic figures is not increasing.

Myth No. 3 – Drying your abs by fasting

This is another misconception that stimulates weight gain. You can pump up your abs to six-pack size if you feed the muscles correctly, supplying them with amino acids, and vitamins and providing them with intensive blood supply. If the body is limited in food, it will turn on the defense mechanism and go into survival mode, extracting resources not only from adipose tissue but also muscle. At the same time, the rate of metabolic processes decreases. After starvation, the body begins to accumulate reserves, which is fraught with uncontrolled weight gain.

Myth No. 4 – taking fat-burning drugs

It makes no sense to replace exercises for abs with pills that stimulate weight loss. They will make your wallet thinner, but not the subcutaneous fat layer. The principle of their action is based on eliminating the consequences, not the causes. At best, they provide a temporary effect, at worst, they seriously harm your health.

Myth No. 5: You can pump up your abs in a week.

The abdominal muscles, like all others, are trained according to the same regimen and during this time they will only begin to adapt to the load.

How to pump up your abs to six-pack abs at home

How to pump up your abs to six-pack

Intensive exercises and certain rules will help you get a sculpted belly. At the same time, one should not discard the individual aspect. For some, at 15% of the volume of adipose tissue, the contour is already visible, for others it is noticeable only at 9%. In any case, the thickness of the fold should not exceed 1.5 cm. Based on these indicators, a weight loss strategy is built. For this necessary:

  1. thoroughly load the muscles;
  2. reduce carbohydrate intake;
  3. switch to protein nutrition.

How to train until you get results

How to make ripped abs

The frequency of classes depends on the intensity of the load. The more actively you develop your abdominal muscles, the more time they need to recover.

  • If you are new to the sport or have recently suffered an injury – pump the upper and lower 12×4 cubes every other day.
  • To get six-pack abs you want maximum load and fewer takes.
  • To keep fit combine moderate intensity with medium repetitions.
  • To effectively pump up your abs within a few months, train 2-4 times a week performing multiple sets and practicing supersets and trisets.
  • If possible, use additional weights.

If the abdominal muscles are less developed than other groups, work with them at the beginning of your workout. At the peak of energy, it is easier to perform movements at the same pace and control biomechanics. With conscious tension during muscle contraction Efficiency increases many times over. If they are trained lifts and twists are performed at the end of the block.

To locally work the rectus and oblique muscles, choose different techniques. Even with a two-time regimen, develop different zones in each lesson, and use static ones along with dynamic techniques.

How long does it take to pump up your abs?

With intense training, the result can be seen within a month, of course, it all depends on the size of the fat layer.

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