Ab Exercises for women at home

The stereotype that it is impossible to pump up a girl’s abs at home has become the most popular excuse. It is what is used when there are no results, although the main reason for the lack of powerful and sculpted abs is the incorrect methodology and training scheme. Abdominal exercises for women that are performed at home are no different in effectiveness from movements in the gym. Except that some exercises will have to be adapted to suit the conditions at home. With the right approach and systematic training, the rate of progression from home exercises will be high.

How to quickly pump up abs for a girl

In fitness, a myth has formed that men need powerful and effective movements to pump up their abdominal muscles, and abdominal exercises for girls should be more aerobic (emphasis on high-repetition performance). This is the wrong approach, which makes abdominal training for girls ineffective and leads to a lack of pronounced results. Women’s gymnastics for the abs and abdomen is good, but only as an addition to powerful strength movements, and not the basis of training.

Important to remember that muscle development can only be carried out in two directions – endurance training, as well as increasing volume and strength. It is heavy approaches with slow and controlled execution (as well as with weights) that make the muscle stronger and more voluminous. Therefore, all effective abdominal exercises for girls should be strength-based, not aerobic, in nature, regardless of the purpose of the training (narrowing the waist, six-pack, and so on).

Dietary recommendations

The second element in achieving the goal is nutrition. You can pump up a girl’s abs without carefully controlling her diet, but the muscles hidden under a layer of fat are unlikely to help create an aesthetic physique. Therefore it is necessary:

  • Create a calorie deficit.
  • Eliminate fast carbohydrates as much as possible.
  • Limit your consumption of fatty meats (only healthy sources of fat: avocado, fatty fish, nuts).
  • Reduce consumption of sugar-containing and starchy foods.

Together with performing abdominal exercises for girls, these nutritional rules will allow you to achieve incredible success.

How to train abs for girls at home

In addition to physical activity and nutrition, the training program plays an important role. Contrary to popular misconception, even at home, abdominal exercises for girls should not be done too often. Rare, but powerful and voluminous workouts will be much more effective. The optimal training regimen for a weekly cycle by day:

  1. Heavy training – 4-5 exercises of 3-5 approaches (possibly with weights).
  2. Rest.
  3. A short, high-intensity workout – 10-15 minutes (for women, a set of abdominal exercises is performed in a circular style or with a minimum rest of 15-20 seconds).
  4. Rest.
  5. Light maintenance workout.
  6. Rest.
  7. Rest.

A long day of rest must be preceded by a long rest.

On an easy day, women can do aerobic abdominal exercises. This scheme is optimal from the point of view of effective pumping of the target group and the rest that muscles need for recovery. Otherwise, there will be no growth and the most you can count on is a slight increase in endurance.

  1. Heavy exercise It is recommended to perform 4-5 working approaches of 10-12 repetitions.
  2. Lungs – up to 17-25 repetitions per set.

The best abdominal exercises for women at home

When creating a training program, it is recommended to include only the most effective abdominal exercises for women. Their number is large enough, so there is no need to do all the movements in one workout. It is optimal to alternate the load using different exercises, techniques, and styles of execution to avoid muscle adaptation.

1. Crunches

The most universal and very effective movement to pump up a girl’s abs at home. To perform this you need a free area of ​​the floor and a small rug (can be done without it). Works the upper part of the abs perfectly.


  1. Lie on the floor, bring your legs together, and bend your knees, focusing on your feet. Place your hands behind your head or crossed over your chest.
  2. Begin to lift your shoulder blades off the floor, lifting your body. Try to twist so that your head moves towards your hips.
  3. Pause at the peak point (as you exhale) and slowly return to the starting position.

Twisting on the floor photo
Key points: For girls to properly pump up their abs with crunches, it is necessary to constantly maintain tension in the muscles.

2. Crunches with legs raised

To additionally activate the lower ab, you need to change the starting position. Instead of resting your feet on the floor, you need to raise them (shin parallel to the floor, thigh perpendicular to the floor).

Legs Elevated Crunch

3. Lying leg raises

There is not always a horizontal bar in the house to perform hanging leg raises. In this case, leg raises are the best abdominal exercise for women to work the lower part.


  1. Lie on the floor, arms along your body, palms need to rest on the floor (for additional stabilization), or hold on to any support.
  2. As you exhale, begin to lift your legs together at a slow pace until they are perpendicular to the floor.
  3. Take a short break and return to the starting position without lowering your legs to the floor.

Lying leg raise photo

Key points:

  • The lower back should be pressed tightly to the floor.
  • You also need to avoid jerking when lifting your legs (at the expense of your hips).

4. Russian twist

A very rare, but incredibly effective exercise that provides a powerful load on the abs (with a focus on the oblique abdominal muscles). Performed in any conditions, with dumbbells, kettlebells, or any other weight (even with a water bottle).


  1. Sit on the floor, bend your knees, and place your feet on the floor. Tilt the body back slightly. At the starting point, there should be a right angle between the hips and the body (a straight V).
  2. Keep the weight on straight arms (slightly bent at the elbows).
  3. Move your arms to the side, trying to touch the object in your hands to the floor on the right.
  4. Without pausing, return your hands to the starting position and repeat the movement to the left side.
  5. Continue alternating body rotations throughout the exercise.

Key points:

  • When working with heavy weights, your arms should be bent at the elbows; when working with minimal weights, you can straighten them (with a slight bend in the joint).
  • This is a strength exercise and does not need to be performed in multiple repetitions. It is optimal to do the Russian twist in the mode of 8-12 leads on each side.

5. Standing rotation with a kettlebell

The most powerful movement for the abdominal muscles. Ideal for strength training at home for abs for girls. Effectively works all core muscles.


  1. Stand straight, feet shoulder-width apart, back straight. Hold a kettlebell in your free hand at hip level.
  2. Begin to rotate your arm, moving it clockwise behind your back.
  3. Grab the handle of the kettlebell with your other hand and perform the same rotational movement, with the interception in front of you.

Standing rotation with kettlebell photo

Although the technique is unusual, this is a fairly simple movement that requires a front and back interception. Also, try to rotate the weight equally clockwise and counterclockwise. Choose the optimal weight (instead of a kettlebell, you can even use a regular bottle with water and a handle).

How long does it take to pump up a girl’s abs?

The question largely depends on three factors (in order of importance, from the most significant):

  • Nutrition.
  • Workout.
  • Genetics.

With regular training and normalization of the diet, visible improvements in physical capabilities and relief can be noticed by 4 to 5 weeks. It is unlikely that a woman will be able to pump up her abs and get significant results in less than 10 weeks. In some cases it will take 12-14 weeks. Therefore, debates about how many days it takes to pump up a girl’s abs are incorrect, since the result depends on individual characteristics and efforts.

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