9 exercises to open the hip joints

The degree of opening of the hip joints is important not only for yoga or dancing, as is commonly thought. A flexible, open joint = a healthy joint capable of performing its full physiological function. Insufficient flexibility of the hip joint often puts unnecessary stress on the knee joint, which can lead to various undesirable consequences.

1. Abduction of the leg while standing

Standing leg abduction.

One of the basic level exercises for beginner athletes.

  1. From a standing position at the support, leave one leg on the floor, keeping it straight.
  2. Bend the second at the knee joint and lift it off the floor.
  3. Move the bent leg to the side with the help of muscle strength, increasing the abduction range with the support of the arm.
  4. Keep your back straight and do not turn your pelvis.
  5. Retract and return your leg forward 8-12 times, then change sides.
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