8 Beginner-Friendly Stretches to Relieve Back Pain and Strengthen Your Back

The spine is located along the entire neck and back of a person, on each side it is surrounded by a plurality of various dorsal, shoulder and neck muscles. The spine is involved and takes on the load in any kind of activity: sitting for many hours in one place, walking, running, strength training, and others. The development of flexibility, strengthening of posture, the formation of straight, straightened shoulders and a healthy back are criteria that directly depend on the performance of the back stretch.

1. Stretching the latissimus dorsi and scapula muscles

Stretching the lats of the back and muscles of the shoulder blades: exercise photo
  1. Clasp your arms in front of you and stretch up.
  2. Slightly push your chest forward, pulling your arms back.
  3. Aim to stretch your back, head up.
  4. Advanced athletes can stretch with the sock turned inside out.
  5. Feeling a gentle stretch, gently lower your arms in front of you and stretch up 10 times.
  6. Further, to carry out lateral traction, perform the same movements, bending slightly to the side, without strongly bending your back, working with the broadest muscle.
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