7 Yoga Poses to Help Ease Menstrual Pain

Many women do not get out of bed during menstruation, writhing around with painkillers, and try to get rid of that discomfort in the body as soon as possible. 

Yoga instructor and social media star Jessamyn Stanley are one of those who think this should not be the case. Stanley opposes the idea of ​​falling in bed and avoiding physical activity as much as possible during menstruation. According to Stanley, moving during your period, especially yoga, makes you feel better.

Thanks to some yoga poses, it is possible to reduce pain, especially in the front of the body and in the pelvis area. Here are yoga poses that help reduce menstrual pains suggested by Jessamyn Stanley:

1st Child Pose – Balasana

  • Sit on the floor on your knees. 
  • The top of your feet should touch the ground. 
  • Open your knees wider than hip-width apart. 
  • Bring your hips towards your heels. 
  • Slowly lower your chest towards the floor. 
  • Let your body fit between your legs. 
  • Extend your arms forward and take deep breaths.
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