7 Reasons To Start Sleeping On Your Left Side

Your health is affected not only by how much you sleep, but also by you, in what position. One of the provisions is the most useful.

As a rule, our position in a dream follows the scenario: “As it seems convenient, so it’s good, I’ll still be spinning”. We can sleep on our side, on our stomach, on our back, in the fetal position. Someone can lie all night in one position, someone tosses and turn. But our postures have a very strong effect on our body, because while we fall asleep, it remains active for some time, digesting dinner, taking oxygen, relaxing, and recharging us with new energy.

It turned out that one posture affects our health the best – sleeping on the left side. And we have several reasons why you should try it.

1. It improves digestion

Many are still convinced that you should not eat before bedtime, because the food will not have time to digest, and this will negatively affect the figure. In fact, the process of digesting food at night also continues. And having a snack at night is not so bad, because our body is active during sleep and needs a source of energy for this. However, you can help the body digest food with minimal effort if you lie on your left side.

Our stomach is located to the left of the belly, and when you lie on your left side, it allows food to pass more easily into the colon and also prevents the stomach from pressing on the pancreas, which supports the free flow of the digestive enzymes.

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