6 Exercises to Help You Get the Middle Split

You can sit on the twine at any age. Of course, how soon this happens depends on the level of sports training. With regular stretching and half-step exercises, the first results will appear in a few weeks.


The essence of the classic twine is legs spread apart, forming a straight line. In this case, the pelvic part is slightly directed forward.

The half split is performed with one bent leg, which is the support. While the second is straightened to the side or clearly laid back.

Half-split exercises are warm-up exercises and are carried out for direct preparation for the split. These exercises are not difficult and can be done by beginners, provided that the basic knowledge of preparing for the twine has already been worked out in practice. Even professional athletes do not miss this important step before doing the split.

1. Dynamic lunge

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  1. From a standing position, take one leg forward as far as possible, feeling stability.
  2. Sway, pulling the torso forward slightly as you bend the knee.
  3. Perform 15 wiggles for each leg.
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