5 Stretching Exercises For The Front of The Thigh

Stretching the front of the thigh is necessary both when doing stretching, dancing and yoga, and when doing power loads. If in strength exercises the elasticity of the quadriceps does not affect either the amplitude or the quality of movements, then in the development of twine or general flexibility, stretching the quadriceps muscle of the thigh is simply necessary.

1. Hip lunge stretch

Stretching the front of the thigh: exercise photo.
  1. Lunge with one leg forward with your front knee bent 90 degrees.
  2. The back foot is on the half-toes. You can linger in this position, feel a slight extension of the quadriceps.
  3. Then, place your back knee on the floor and bring your heel to your buttock, grabbing your foot with one hand. 
  4. The other hand rests on the thigh.
  5. Pull the heel closer to the pelvis with the force of the hand, so the quads will stretch even more but do not bring acute pain.
  6. Then release your foot, and change the lunge to the other leg, repeating the exercise.
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