13 Strength Exercises You Can Do with Yoga Blocks

In work, blocks for stretching can serve as an auxiliary element or equipment to increase the level of difficulty of the exercise. There are several options for replacing them at home. But still, if you use such accessories, preference should be given to special foam cubes.

Why do you need stretching cubes

Cubes are otherwise called foam blocks. They are not very different in size and density. On average, cubes are 20-25 cm long, 10-13 cm wide, 5-8 cm high. Depending on the purpose of use, a different number of blocks is involved (from 1 to 4, sometimes more).

In stretching, bricks are used as assistants:

  • with an insufficient level of training;
  • pain when resting on the wrists;
  • for a smoother transition from a simple level of exercises to a difficult one;
  • as fitness accessories to increase the complexity of exercises, the effectiveness of the work done;
  • as well as for a visual demonstration of the progress in stretching.

1. Bends to stretch the back of the legs and back

Slopes to the cubes.
  1. From a standing position, bend on straight legs without bending the knee.
  2. With your elbows, reach for the cubes, gradually reducing their number.
  3. Continue to exercise until you reach the floor with your elbows without bending your knees.
  4. Do not tilt your head back, your neck is relaxed.
  5. In an incline, perform rocking to the floor or to the cubes for 30 seconds.
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