12 Exercises and Stretches That’ll Make You Better In Bed

Good sex depends on many factors: confidence in yourself and your partner, your level of intimacy, and your mood. Do not forget about endurance – if you want to enjoy the process as long as possible, you cannot do without it. Scientists have proven that regular exercise helps not only your health but also your personal life.

Here are 7 exercises that will help you take lovemaking to the next level.

1. Lifting weights

“Lifting weights is known to increase sex drive: the body starts producing more testosterone. Since good testosterone levels are directly related to your sexual desire, an exercise that boosts hormone production also boosts libido, ”says Dr. Miles Spar. What’s more, lifting heavy weights has a positive effect on self-esteem. Research has shown that feeling empowered increases self-confidence.

 2. High-intensity interval training

7 Exercises That Will Help You Be Better In Bed With Sex

“High-intensity interval training is one of the most effective ways to burn fat, but it not only sheds extra pounds, but it also increases libido. Strength and cardio can help release steam, which in turn lowers cortisol (stress hormone) levels. Increased cortisol significantly lowers testosterone, ”says Miles. That is why the stress hormone needs to be controlled: if you succeed, you shouldn’t have problems with your sex drive.

3. Yoga

A 2010 study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine found that yoga improves all sexual functions in men. “Plus, because yoga involves stretching and controlling energy flows, this practice has the potential to increase libido as well as make you more flexible. The partner should like these changes, ”explains Dr. Spar. But the positive properties of yoga do not end there. There are many special postures that can be beneficial for sex. For example, the cat-cow pose works the spine and strengthens the pelvic muscles. This is believed to help heighten the orgasm.

 4. Swimming

“Want to boost your stamina, build muscle, and do a great cardio workout? Rather, go swimming. The level of fitness you get after swimming really makes you better in bed. The Harvard study involved 160 swimmers aged 60. It turned out that their sex life is comparable to 40-year-old men who do not swim, ”says Miles in Metro UK. Also, scientists have found that swimming helps to tone the muscles of the pelvic floor. Another undeniable plus of this exercise is that swimming reduces stress hormone levels.

5. Cardio

7 Exercises That Will Help You Be Better In Bed With Sex

There is good news for all joggers. Cardio makes your sex life brighter. Aerobics, active walking, jogging, or cycling improve circulation. It, in turn, is one of the key factors during lovemaking. Good circulation reduces the likelihood of erectile dysfunction in men. “During sexual activity, the entire body is involved. It is important that the muscles and blood vessels work at their maximum level, ”says Dr. Tina Penhollow at Aaptiv.

6. Plank

The plank is the perfect exercise for anyone looking to stay fit in every sense of the word. “The plank works the shoulders, abdominal muscles, obliques, hips, and buttocks,” explains specialist Madeleine Castellanos at Woman’s Day. All of these muscle groups are involved during sex, so keeping them in good shape is especially important.

 7. Squats

7 Exercises That Will Help You Be Better In Bed With Sex

It’s no secret that squats can help you achieve seductive shapes. However, the benefits of them are much more than meets the eye. When performed correctly, this exercise improves the endurance and mobility of the hips, as well as increases libido.

Don’t forget to rest

In everything you need to know when to stop, and training is no exception to the rule. Dr. Miles reminds you that you can overdo exercise. In this case, you will achieve the opposite result and lower testosterone levels. Leave room for the weekend, even on your busiest schedules.

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