10 Foods That Are Considered Harmful, But They Are Not

We are accustomed to the fact that food is divided into harmful and healthy: the first is categorically not recommended to eat, and the second should always be kept in your refrigerator.

But is it correct that any foods are completely excluded from the diet? After all, there are those that are very useful, despite the fact that they are called harmful.

As you know, everything is good in moderation, if you eat a lot, even though some food contains a lot of vitamins, most likely, it will harm you. It is necessary not to exclude any products, but to eat them wisely.

From this collection, you will learn about the products that were mistakenly included in the list of harmful ones.

10. Chocolate

Chocolate improves mood and performance. But for some reason, all the beneficial properties are attributed only to dark chocolate, not to mention white.

White is not called useful, because its content does not include cocoa liquor (unlike black), but white contains cocoa butter, which restores liver cells.

It also contains linoleic acid (a healthy omega-6 fat) to help normalize blood pressure. White chocolate is a source of the joy hormone endorphin.

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