10 cancer-causing foods we consume regularly

According to statistics, more than one and a half million people in the world suffer from oncology. Cancer is one of the most intractable diseases. The nature of its origin has not yet been fully determined by scientists.

There are very few drugs and methods of treating the disease so far, and they are not always effective, but doctors have developed preventive measures that reduce the risk of developing a cancerous tumor in the body. A large role in the occurrence of the disease is played by the food consumed daily by a person; it turns out that some foods are very harmful.

The following article provides a list of 10 foods that can cause cancer.

10. Mayonnaise and ketchup

Almost every person has ketchup and mayonnaise in the refrigerator, but few people realize how harmful they are.

The fact is that these products contain various emulsifiers, flavor enhancers, vinegar, preservatives, and sugar. These components adversely affect human health, provoking the gradual growth of cancerous tumors.

Also, most types of these products are packed in plastic bags, which are also harmful to the human body.

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